Light at the end of the tunnel

It has been a very long, very hard week here in our house. Most of the week we have seen this:

sick kiddos Kids sleeping between fevers, coughing, and runny noses.  Oh and this too:

IMAG0907 That lovely crud on my shirt isn’t from me but my kids as they lay on my chest with their snotty runny noses. All my shirts this week have been blessed with this. I have never had my patience and sanity tested as much as it has this past week. But it is like God knew I was at a breaking point because this happened:

IMAG0891 J had a smile, actually eaten some dinner, and was working on a puzzle he got for Christmas. E started smiling too- though eating is still a battle. In order to make sure G was getting enough, I dropped table foods back and allowed her to nurse more than she would have on a normal day.

And yesterday we discovered this…

IMAG0904 Yep. In addition to the flu and ear infection that E endured this past week, we also are having to deal with a rash. We don’t know if it is an allergy rash (reaction to the amoxicillin for his ear) or if it is what the doctor calls a viral rash. Either way, this poor kid can’t seem to get a break this week.

We will persist. Our sanity tested. And the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear. Hopefully we will get personalities back soon and this can become just another memory of crazy times with kids.


I want to be done

I want to be done with sick kids. After 3 days of sick and no real sign of improvement, I want to be done. I want a chance to let my own sick body recuperate. I want to look at my kids and not see them look miserable.
I just want to be done.

One for the memory books

This Christmas has been interesting to say the least. All three kids are sick-three fevers that rise and fall with Tylenol, two mild cases of pink eye (stupid snot is responsible for that), one with a bowl to catch tummy contents, and just all over crankiness from the feeling-yuckies…and update today is that all 3 have ear infections.
Christmas eve, Husband had a sleep over downstairs on the couch with both boys. He said J was up every 10minutes or so coughing or groaning in attempts to get comfortable to sleep. Upstairs wasn’t much better. G was up every half hour or so. The only way she would sleep longer was to sleep upright laying on my chest. This meant sleep for her but not for me. If I even slightly slid down in attempt to sleep, G would wake up all over again. It made for a long night for all of us.
Christmas day and night weren’t much better. A lot of sleep, but in short cat naps in between coughing fits or fever induced crying.
Today Husband went back to work while I took all three to the doctor. Antibiotics for ear infections were prescribed. And when we got home my lap pretty much looked like this for the rest of the day:
So we will probably always remember this Christmas as the one that went opposite of plans. But I know our little ones will recover and be their normal selves soon.


The past 3 days I have been dealing with sick kiddos. J started with a slightly annoying cough that would disrupt his sleep just enough to make for a grouchy yet not tired enough for a nap attitude. E started with a runny nose while G was pretty much getting off with no symptoms. Now, not so much. All three are battling a fever (anywhere from 99 to 103), runny noses, and a cough.
First this made me sad as it was going to be J’s first year participating in pur church’s children’s Christmas eve service. He was earnestly learning his lines and songs and would recite them with a coy smile. I was all excited for a cute memorable video of J all dressed up being like the big kids in front of church. Then I accepted that there will be more years to come for that.
Now, I am actually enjoying that because all 3 are sick, all 3 are napping at the same time no less! This means I can finish up Christmas gifts without worrying about spying eyes. It also means I get a chance to recover myself-as in take a breath and have some coffee before I need to brace for more sick grouchy attitudes.  So I am off to drink my coffee while it is still hot.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. May it be filled with happy moments, memories that make you smile, and hopefully no sick germs.

It’s a Pirate Parrrty!

As I said I have been busy…

We also celebrated J’s fourth birthday. He is changing more and more from a toddler into a smart, handsome little boy. His questions are multiplying by the day. He smiles and asks for a hug big enough to knock you over. He is protective of his brother and sister. He is a wonderful helper and a kind friend.

J turned 4

J celebrated his birthday with some friends and had a pirate themed party. I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I let J decide what he wanted (given the options I previously chose of course). He was so excited and insisted he help make his “favorite thing of all”..the pirate ship cake.

Pirate Parrrty

I made a pirate ship out of a cardboard box and left over pvc pipe. A decorative fish net and cardboard sign created a pirate cove hideout. We had a spread fit for a growing pirate including: Golden nuggets (chicken nuggets), Cannon balls (apples), Rubies (red grapes), Catch of the Day (goldfish crackers), Jolly Rogers (orange slice boats on a sea of blue jello) and Buccaneers Brew (juice).

Treasure Collage

One of J’s favorite parts to his party was finding the treasure map and following it until he found the X. He warned me about the crocodile that guarded the treasure chest.

we be pirates

I provided pirate hats for all the young buccaneers while J dressed up in his pirate captain outfit.

And the part that was J’s “favorite of all” was the one I was most nervous about…the cake. I am not a great baker. I have been known to kill a cake or two. But as I mentioned here, I want to try to improve. I want my kids to look back and remember how fun those cakes were. So this time around I attempted a shape cake. I searched for tips and tutorials on how to make it. I learned new tricks that definitely helped. And overall, I made J smile. (and I got a huge hug and thank you!)

Pirate Cake

I call it a success. The cake didn’t fall apart. J and all the kids seemed to have fun. Happy birthday to our little boy!

Miss G’s first birthday!

Our little girl has turned one. She is full of smiles. She tries desperately to keep up and play with her brothers. Her blue eyes melts hearts everywhere we go. She is smart as she learns how to push buttons while smiling to get away with it. She brings a joy that can make your day.

IMG_3690 IMG_3694 IMG_3698

I can’t wait to see you grow. Stay beautiful, smart, and know you can do anything.IMAG0821-1

Lis for Lion

Sorry. I know it has been awhile. I had things on my mind like Miss G’s first birthday (which I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by) and J’s fourth birthday; along with the usual Christmas preparations. But we will catch up…

In the school front we moved on to L. We read about lions and what the various characteristics lions have compared to other animals. Then we made lion art. I simply laid out a yellow circle, orange colored paint chips (you know the ones that you use to try and find that perfect color of orange for your home), pens, sissors, and glue. I let the boys take the lead I simply watched as they constructed their versions of a lion. E did ask for help drawing a lion face so I drew a quick one for him.