Vacation…rained out Disney style

We were on vacation last week. As a Christmas gift to my sister and brother-in-law, we flew them out to join us in our visit to Disneyland (it was their first time ever going to Disneyland). Because Husband gets stressed too easily in lines we like the holidaytime at Disneyland, we tend to go midweek in November. This year, it decided to rain. Our first day was pretty good with only an occasional heavy mist-like rain.

day 1 breakfastday one Collage

The second day was worse. It started out hopeful with only a predicted 20% chance of rain in the forecast. Well, we are that 20%.

day 2 Collage

We made it less than three hours before being so wet we called it quits. We took a break, went out to lunch instead, and relaxed in our trailer. The older kids went back later with Husband to visit Space Mountain and Matterhorn before fireworks above the castle. Despite the rain, all the kids (in-laws and my own) said they had fun. So I call it a good vacation despite being rained out.


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