Potty training once again

I honestly have been slacking on potty training E. Since we only have a bathroom upstairs, simply taking him upstairs every time was daunting. Especially with G crying every time I went upstairs, my motivation was something to be desired. I allowed E to get lazy in pull ups.
However we have made huge progress in the past week. Since a huge car seat blow out that resulted in poop up E’s back all the way up to his neck and all over my jacket, my motivation was renewed. No more pull ups (except at night). Only underwear.
Day one, E had 3, what I call half accidents. He was standing at the base of the stairs at the baby gate calling to me “I have pee!”. So he was on his way but couldn’t get there in time.
Day 2, only accident was poop which most parents will tell you is a bit harder.
Day 3, only a half poop accident! Told me he had poop so we went upstairs. He finished on the toilet. I was beyond excited.
So I think we are in the clear…Yeah! Happy dance is going on over here. That means I am down to only one bottom to change! How awesome is that?!

Ps-anyone have advice on nighttime training? J still needs a pull up. If he isn’t in one and has an accident, he then crawls into our bed instead of back into his.


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