Getting your hands dirty

For the longest time I was scared of making tortillas. I thought it was too labor intensive;something saved for those deeply rooted in family tradition or those that have the whole foods perspective. (Now I do try to keep as much of our kids’ food healthy,but somethings like tortillas I buy in premade form at the store.)
However I have changed my mind a little. I first attempted tortillas after I read a recipe here that used butter instead of lard. (I have butter on hand, but lard I would have to buy just to try a recipe.) It worked! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I mean it does take more time than opening a package, but it wasn’t all day. Husband loved them, too! My tortillas puff up a bit more so they end up more like gordita style or tortilla bread. And my tortillas are definitely not perfectly round.But for tacos, they are yummy. I also make a double batch and freeze those we don’t use right away; which Husband likes for an occasional quesadilla.
We recently ran out of our freezer supply so it was time to make another batch. This time J decided he wanted to help and get his hands dirty.


It was more messy than usual, but J loved helping. He was so proud of the ones he rolled out and ate more than he normally would have. Now our freezer supply is restocked.


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