It’s a Pirate Parrrty!

As I said I have been busy…

We also celebrated J’s fourth birthday. He is changing more and more from a toddler into a smart, handsome little boy. His questions are multiplying by the day. He smiles and asks for a hug big enough to knock you over. He is protective of his brother and sister. He is a wonderful helper and a kind friend.

J turned 4

J celebrated his birthday with some friends and had a pirate themed party. I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I let J decide what he wanted (given the options I previously chose of course). He was so excited and insisted he help make his “favorite thing of all”..the pirate ship cake.

Pirate Parrrty

I made a pirate ship out of a cardboard box and left over pvc pipe. A decorative fish net and cardboard sign created a pirate cove hideout. We had a spread fit for a growing pirate including: Golden nuggets (chicken nuggets), Cannon balls (apples), Rubies (red grapes), Catch of the Day (goldfish crackers), Jolly Rogers (orange slice boats on a sea of blue jello) and Buccaneers Brew (juice).

Treasure Collage

One of J’s favorite parts to his party was finding the treasure map and following it until he found the X. He warned me about the crocodile that guarded the treasure chest.

we be pirates

I provided pirate hats for all the young buccaneers while J dressed up in his pirate captain outfit.

And the part that was J’s “favorite of all” was the one I was most nervous about…the cake. I am not a great baker. I have been known to kill a cake or two. But as I mentioned here, I want to try to improve. I want my kids to look back and remember how fun those cakes were. So this time around I attempted a shape cake. I searched for tips and tutorials on how to make it. I learned new tricks that definitely helped. And overall, I made J smile. (and I got a huge hug and thank you!)

Pirate Cake

I call it a success. The cake didn’t fall apart. J and all the kids seemed to have fun. Happy birthday to our little boy!


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