The past 3 days I have been dealing with sick kiddos. J started with a slightly annoying cough that would disrupt his sleep just enough to make for a grouchy yet not tired enough for a nap attitude. E started with a runny nose while G was pretty much getting off with no symptoms. Now, not so much. All three are battling a fever (anywhere from 99 to 103), runny noses, and a cough.
First this made me sad as it was going to be J’s first year participating in pur church’s children’s Christmas eve service. He was earnestly learning his lines and songs and would recite them with a coy smile. I was all excited for a cute memorable video of J all dressed up being like the big kids in front of church. Then I accepted that there will be more years to come for that.
Now, I am actually enjoying that because all 3 are sick, all 3 are napping at the same time no less! This means I can finish up Christmas gifts without worrying about spying eyes. It also means I get a chance to recover myself-as in take a breath and have some coffee before I need to brace for more sick grouchy attitudes.  So I am off to drink my coffee while it is still hot.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. May it be filled with happy moments, memories that make you smile, and hopefully no sick germs.

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