One for the memory books

This Christmas has been interesting to say the least. All three kids are sick-three fevers that rise and fall with Tylenol, two mild cases of pink eye (stupid snot is responsible for that), one with a bowl to catch tummy contents, and just all over crankiness from the feeling-yuckies…and update today is that all 3 have ear infections.
Christmas eve, Husband had a sleep over downstairs on the couch with both boys. He said J was up every 10minutes or so coughing or groaning in attempts to get comfortable to sleep. Upstairs wasn’t much better. G was up every half hour or so. The only way she would sleep longer was to sleep upright laying on my chest. This meant sleep for her but not for me. If I even slightly slid down in attempt to sleep, G would wake up all over again. It made for a long night for all of us.
Christmas day and night weren’t much better. A lot of sleep, but in short cat naps in between coughing fits or fever induced crying.
Today Husband went back to work while I took all three to the doctor. Antibiotics for ear infections were prescribed. And when we got home my lap pretty much looked like this for the rest of the day:
So we will probably always remember this Christmas as the one that went opposite of plans. But I know our little ones will recover and be their normal selves soon.


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