Light at the end of the tunnel

It has been a very long, very hard week here in our house. Most of the week we have seen this:

sick kiddos Kids sleeping between fevers, coughing, and runny noses.  Oh and this too:

IMAG0907 That lovely crud on my shirt isn’t from me but my kids as they lay on my chest with their snotty runny noses. All my shirts this week have been blessed with this. I have never had my patience and sanity tested as much as it has this past week. But it is like God knew I was at a breaking point because this happened:

IMAG0891 J had a smile, actually eaten some dinner, and was working on a puzzle he got for Christmas. E started smiling too- though eating is still a battle. In order to make sure G was getting enough, I dropped table foods back and allowed her to nurse more than she would have on a normal day.

And yesterday we discovered this…

IMAG0904 Yep. In addition to the flu and ear infection that E endured this past week, we also are having to deal with a rash. We don’t know if it is an allergy rash (reaction to the amoxicillin for his ear) or if it is what the doctor calls a viral rash. Either way, this poor kid can’t seem to get a break this week.

We will persist. Our sanity tested. And the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear. Hopefully we will get personalities back soon and this can become just another memory of crazy times with kids.

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