Bathtime paint surprise

A few days ago I posted how I was frustrated by my first day of real doubt about homeschooling. While the day did turn around with the oranges activity, this was the icing on the cake. It reminded me that despite my frustration of teaching, to my kids I am still just mommy. So I had a surprise waiting for them after dinner…

bathtime paint Collage



Pinterest, for those who aren’t addicted to it yet, is a great resource for finding new ideas. I have seen posts that have used masking tape to create roads across the floor and onto furniture for boys to play with cars on. I took this idea and applied it a oldie but goodie activity to get boys moving on a rainy day…Hopscotch in the living room.\

hopscotch Collage

Instead of a pebble to toss, we used a play orange. The boys loved it- especially J who would try to jump as high as he could. I loved the fact that they were moving instead of being lazy on the couch- and it works on their gross motor skills as well. Gotta love that win win!

O is for Oranges

IF you read my previous post, you would know that I didn’t have a good start to our school day yesterday. Once I took my breather break (ie- did a load of laundry), I was refocused. The boys still wanted to do school and I wanted something I knew would actually work. So we did O for Oranges…

First we read An Orange in January.  Prefect book as it was about how an orange grows from a blossom to being picked; then delivered to the store to be bought by a little boy. And the fact that the last part takes part in January helped reinforce the month for J (who noticed it right away). We then went over a parts of an orange. I had the boys describe how the peel felt, smelled and tasted (J’s face was priceless). I invited J to cut the orange open with his plastic lettuce knife. We described how the inside flesh/pulp smelled and tasted.  E and J also drew an orange at the bottom of the chart (the best they were able to of course).

orange chart Orange taste test Collage

Since the flesh/pulp was the “yummy part because it’s juice” according to J, I invited the boys to use the juicer to make their own orange juice. It was tough work, but the juice was a sweet treat at the end.

Orange juice Collage

First day of real doubt

I have made doubts before about if I can really do this homeschool thing. I love seeing my boys grow, learn new things, and have such excitement for “doing school”.  However days like yesterday raise doubts to be real. I had my first real day of frustration.

Normally if some lesson didn’t work, it was the boys being figgity to go play instead of what I had planned. No big deal especially with this being elective. Yesterday we tried to cover opposites. First of all trying to explain what an opposite is tested me. I wasn’t quite prepared with a preschooler level definition. So J and E never really got it. I tried again and again to re-explain what an opposite was, but I just received blank stares back. I got frustrated at myself for not being able to explain it. I didn’t want to get mad at the boys for goofing around when I wasn’t able to teach it properly. So we trashed that lesson and I took a breather break…

Planning for yet another year

We are only on the letter O in our letter of the week preschool year, but I am already looking into next years plan. You see J is at an awkward age as far as the public schools here in California are concerned. Because his birthday is in December, he would be 5 years old, turning 6 a few months into his kindergarten. I feel like this is late because he already knows so much. Should the homeschool thing not end up working out, J, and frankly E too, could become easily bored when they enter a public school system. So we are plowing ahead with more preschool. Next year I am planning on doing more of a unit study system so it can be varied from basic for E to more challenging for J.

As I am starting to look at different unit studies I am a bit overwhelmed. I know the boys will love anything I put in front of them, but I want to strike that balance of continuing to push them forward without frustrating due to it being too hard. I also love so many different styles of unit studies that various preschool/preK teacher blogs out there. Maybe it is a good thing that I am starting to plan out our next year so early. Plenty of time to prepare the best mix for our kiddos. And who knows, G might be trying to join the mix; which would mean a tot version of the unit studies as well.

So here I go…off to plan for another year while still enjoying the boys enthusiam for the current letter of the week plan.

Kids- same, yet so different

So I was curious the other day and came up with this…all three kids at about a year old.


See how similar they are. Crazy huh. And now fast forward, three years, two years, and 1 month respectively and see how different yet the same they look.


It will only change more are they grow up. I can’t believe how fast they have grown already. I am so proud of them.

Class reunion

It coming to be that time for my high school class reunion. During high school I had a blast. Since I went to a very, very small private school I was able to play volleyball and basketball. I was sophomore homecoming princess, senior homecoming queen and senior prom princess. I graduated as the valedictorian. I appreciate every moment I had.
However that is my past. The last few months I was just ready to be done and move on. I was done with the petty drama. I was done with living in close quarters (I was in a dormitory). So when graduation came, I was sad to be leaving a few classmates but ready for the next step. I kept in touch with a few people for a couple years but have since fell out as our lives moved different directions.
So now as the reunion comes up, I can’t help but think of my classmates. At first there was a sentimental wish to go and see them. Then, a realization that I really don’t want to see them. I have moved on. That was my past and I would rather it stay there. I have a beautiful future with my family. So here I sit watching my kids play enjoying right now.