M is for matching

This was quick activity that J did while he waited for me to cook dinner. I had purchased some colored foam blocks from the dollar store that I had J separate into tubs of matching colors. We went over that all the blocks matched because they were all squares or cubes. Then we went over they were different because of the colors. So then J matched the colors up.

Something I found interesting was that J sorted it right away in a specific fashion; he would take out all the orange first, followed by the red, then blue leaving green all alone. He didn’t sort those closest to him first and work out from there. He simply went by color group. He was very efficient.
After dinner we did more matching. I wrote a circle, triangle, and rectangle/square on three sheets of paper. Then I encouraged J to find toys around our living room that matched the shape on the paper. He started off slow until I gave a couple suggestions. Once I did that, it clicked and J went to work. He managed to find a few objects that matched.

shape matching Collage

J still wanted to do more so I went through a few worksheets with him.

Matching wksht Collage


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