M is for Moose

We continued on with our letter of the week preschool work. M was for moose this time. We read If you Give a Moose a Muffin. Using our hands we created a moose. Once again you can see the difference between me guiding E through the project and self directed J. Either way they enjoyed making their moose.

image  image

image  image

While the boys were busy with their moose-building, G got curious and wanted to see what we were doing.

Later in the the day we did a quick M worksheet where the boys put circle stickers in shape of m.

IMG_3748  IMG_3749


E was tired of school at that point so he went on to play instead.


J followed my lead and practiced his writing. He drew basic “M” animals/things and labeled them as well.


In case you can’t make it out…money, monkey, moose, and mouse

We covered a lot of M today. Tomorrow I am planning on doing something with money. An introduction of sort to money- earning it, saving it, donating it, and probably everyone’s favorite thing, spending it.


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