New phase

While of course I know that G is a girl, it is sinking it a little bit more. You see she has reached the age/ hair length that we did first hair cuts for the boys; and we won’t be doing a first haircut for G for a while yet. So it is just a new experience for me. However, there is something I get to do with G that I didn’t and won’t ever do with the boys…


Ponytails! G’s hair is long enough for a couple little pigtails in the front…or a couple in the back. Her hair is doing a mullet style. He hair still is worn around the center from sleep while the front and very bottom back grow long. Pretty funny. G is cute whether wearing a mullet or not.
It will be interesting going forward as G’s hair and personality grow to see if she will be a tomboy ponytail type or a bows and hair done fancy type or, like her mom, a little bit of both.


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