M is for money

Because we are still in preschool years, I have a bit more flexibility in having school time. If the boys want to do it, we do school work. If not, they learn through free play. No worries or stress either way. So getting to the money lesson took a couple more days to get their interest than I anticipated. But that didn’t worry me….because now we are full swing into M is for money.

We started out by reading The Berentain Bears’ Trouble with Money. I reviewed how we should spend our money carefully, and how we have to save up for big things. J really took this and ran because then he associated how Husband goes to work to make money for big trip like Disneyland. I continued with that and said how the boys make money is to do chores. Now some things are done because you are part of the family, like taking dishes to the sink after dinner, putting clean laundry away in our dressers, and such. Husband and I came up with chores that the boys could do for extra money.

J's chore chart

This is J’s chore chart- pick up toys (which will switch to being part of the family as they get older), give dog her food, make bed, fold laundry, put clean dishes away, and sweep the floor. E’s chart is the same with the exclusion of give dog her food. As they complete a chore they will get a sticker to mark the box as job done. At the end of the week, the boys will “cash in” their earned stickers. Both boys were excited at the prospect of money and did all the chores within a few hours.

J's completed chart

To teach and remind the boys that they have to be wise about their money, we made very simple banks for their money. We labeled three bottles “spend, save, donate” and will fill each accordingly.

money bank Collage

We went over how you save your money for future big things like a bike or someday when they are a lot older a car. The spend bottle they can spend as they want. If they want something bigger like a game or a new train they have to save up enough money in their spend bottle. I then told them they get to put their own donate money in the offering plate on Sunday at church. They love putting money in the plate so they were excited about this.

I really think this is a delicate, but needed to be taught subject. Each family is different so please understand this is just how we decided to do it in our family. Personally I think good money practices start early so that is why we decided to include it in our preschool curriculum.

Update: When J woke up this money he made his bed right away and reminded me that he needs a sticker. He also gave the dog her food right away when he had breakfast (“so she can eat too”). This chore chart seems to be working so far. Yeah!


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