Made me smile

Sometimes, like most parents and teachers, I wonder if I am doing enough for my kids. I am trying my best to create a learning environment and to inspire an appreciation for reading and growing in knowledge.
Tonight was a moment that made me smile. It almost felt like God was giving me the moment as a gentle hand pat on my back to continue on with teaching. After I read a book and tucked the boys in for the night, I went into the hallway as I normally do. I sat down this time to do some scrapbooking (my hobby); and to my surprise I hear J gently climbed from his bed, grab something, and climb back in. Then I hear J start “reading” his Go, Dogs, Go book outloud for about 10 minutes. Then I hear the book fall back down to the floor and a rhythmic breathing follows.
It was so wonderful to hear not a procrastinating request for water or potty break, but instead quiet reading to himself before turning over to sleep.


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