Any room?

While the boys go to bed in their own beds, they seem to find their way to our room. Sometimes it is a nightmare. Other times it is waking for a midnight potty break and climbing in with us seems like a better option. We try to put them back in their own beds reminding them that they need to sleep in their own beds until the sun comes up.
However when the sun comes up, all bets are off. Husband and I want to sleep so after 6a we allow snuggles in our bed. This creates memories of giggles, snuggles with boys telling stories, and….bed take over.


This our cal king sized bed that, as you can see, J and E took over. Any room for Husband or me? Not so much, unless you want to contort your back into a wrenched position, take a slap in the face, or have a knee in your back.
But Husband and I always seem to soothe our aches away and remind each other that it won’t be long before the boys won’t want to hug, let alone snuggle with us. So we snuggle, giggle, and take extra hot showers to melt the back kinks away.


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