N is for Noah, Narwhal, and Name

Last week we covered the letter “N”. The first day we went over a classic bible story of Noah and the ark. We started with reading the story from the preschool bible we have and then we followed up with a children’s book of the story. We talked about how the stories were the same and how the book varied from the bible account. Then we created a mural using cutouts from the dollar store. J also used his markers to draw a rainbow in the corner.

Noah and the ark Collage

As usual, the boys wanted to do more school time so we went on to cover the narwhal. I had a worksheet for them to color with some facts that we discussed. The boys also love the show the Octonauts (which is apparent as that was the costume for Halloween). I pulled up the narwhal episode on YouTube and let the boys watch. Afterwards we did a brief review of facts about the narwhal…it was very brief because their attention was pretty much done.

Narwhal Collage

The next day, when the boys attention was refreshed, we covered names. (Sorry this might be vague so I can keep my kids’ names private). First, I shared how every animal has a name and read a big animal book to them. Then we went over how people don’t have just first names, but middle and last names as well. I wrote out the kids’ full names so they could see how they too had a first, middle, last name. The boys then wrote as best as they could the family names on a paper. I had a couple sensory activity trays ready to go with foam letters that they searched for in the rice. As they found each letter, they would glue the letter matching the name they had written out.

Name Collage

Pretty smooth week overall for the letter “N”. Onward on to “O”…


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