Planning for yet another year

We are only on the letter O in our letter of the week preschool year, but I am already looking into next years plan. You see J is at an awkward age as far as the public schools here in California are concerned. Because his birthday is in December, he would be 5 years old, turning 6 a few months into his kindergarten. I feel like this is late because he already knows so much. Should the homeschool thing not end up working out, J, and frankly E too, could become easily bored when they enter a public school system. So we are plowing ahead with more preschool. Next year I am planning on doing more of a unit study system so it can be varied from basic for E to more challenging for J.

As I am starting to look at different unit studies I am a bit overwhelmed. I know the boys will love anything I put in front of them, but I want to strike that balance of continuing to push them forward without frustrating due to it being too hard. I also love so many different styles of unit studies that various preschool/preK teacher blogs out there. Maybe it is a good thing that I am starting to plan out our next year so early. Plenty of time to prepare the best mix for our kiddos. And who knows, G might be trying to join the mix; which would mean a tot version of the unit studies as well.

So here I go…off to plan for another year while still enjoying the boys enthusiam for the current letter of the week plan.


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