First day of real doubt

I have made doubts before about if I can really do this homeschool thing. I love seeing my boys grow, learn new things, and have such excitement for “doing school”.  However days like yesterday raise doubts to be real. I had my first real day of frustration.

Normally if some lesson didn’t work, it was the boys being figgity to go play instead of what I had planned. No big deal especially with this being elective. Yesterday we tried to cover opposites. First of all trying to explain what an opposite is tested me. I wasn’t quite prepared with a preschooler level definition. So J and E never really got it. I tried again and again to re-explain what an opposite was, but I just received blank stares back. I got frustrated at myself for not being able to explain it. I didn’t want to get mad at the boys for goofing around when I wasn’t able to teach it properly. So we trashed that lesson and I took a breather break…


3 thoughts on “First day of real doubt

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  2. Don’t get discouraged, sometimes it just takes a little finagling. I’m sure you will come up with a wonderful idea to teach them about opposites and many other things.

    Perhaps it might be best to avoid a specific definition and show examples. When they see the examples, they will know what the definition is. Hot or Cold? Near or Far? Wet or Dry?
    One definition we use is that opposites are the things that are totally different.

    In terms of frustration… I wish I could say that goes away, but it doesn’t. There are days that we get frustrated from lack of sleep, lack of good food, or lack of discipline. There are days that nothing seems to go right and days that everything fits into place.

    I think homeschooling is a good example of life in general. It isn’t always going to work out, but you make the best of a bad situation and do better the next day.

    I’m sure you are doing a wonderful job. Don’t let one hard day take away from all the good.

    • Well, thank you for the support. I know in my heart this is the right thing for us, it was just hard when I hit that first real set back. I actually tried the example approach- the worksheet I had printed out, had a car for fast (and snail for slow) along with a red light (stop) and green light (go). The boys have associated lights with cars so much they wouldn’t really listen to the rest of what I was saying. All the other examples on the worksheet were evidently not as interesting to them as the car and lights. I will revisit it next year when each a little older and see if I can come up with something more hands on or interactive to make it make sense to them. I am sure frustrations will come up again, but as you said it is just like life in general when somethings click and sometimes they don’t.

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