O is for Oranges

IF you read my previous post, you would know that I didn’t have a good start to our school day yesterday. Once I took my breather break (ie- did a load of laundry), I was refocused. The boys still wanted to do school and I wanted something I knew would actually work. So we did O for Oranges…

First we read An Orange in January.  Prefect book as it was about how an orange grows from a blossom to being picked; then delivered to the store to be bought by a little boy. And the fact that the last part takes part in January helped reinforce the month for J (who noticed it right away). We then went over a parts of an orange. I had the boys describe how the peel felt, smelled and tasted (J’s face was priceless). I invited J to cut the orange open with his plastic lettuce knife. We described how the inside flesh/pulp smelled and tasted.  E and J also drew an orange at the bottom of the chart (the best they were able to of course).

orange chart Orange taste test Collage

Since the flesh/pulp was the “yummy part because it’s juice” according to J, I invited the boys to use the juicer to make their own orange juice. It was tough work, but the juice was a sweet treat at the end.

Orange juice Collage


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