Starting to walk

Miss G made monumental strides (pun intended) in walking today. First, when she thought I wasn’t looking she walked from the rocker to the zebra in her room-about 6 steps. Of course it also happened when I didn’t have a camera handy.
Then I grabbed my camera and she decided to show off. She walked, stopped, and blew a kiss.


Then she showed off again. She proceeded to walk across her room (while stopping for the boys walking in her path), turn at her zebra and walk a couple more steps.


While I am rejoicing that G is making progress, I am trying to prepare myself for the added stress of keeping track of yet another walking/climbing body at the park.


J’s first day at tball

So J has entered into the world of organized sports. He is starting his first season of t-ball. He has had a tee for awhile now and knows what baseball is; so we are hoping this season is a great start. Here J is at his first practice. He is the youngest on his team so he has to try a bit harder, but did his best.


J all decked out in his new baseball gear


Running the bases

Husband was there helping out which I think J loved helped make him more comfortable around so many new faces.

Valentines Day school

So as a minor side note from our day of the week routine, we celebrated Valentines Day. I have seen various ideas on Pinterest on using the conversation hearts so we went for it. First we sorted our heart by color and then we charted the hearts to see which color we had the most of. J practiced writing his writing and wrote the total at the bottom of each column.

valentines sort Collage

As usual the boys were not ready to be done, so we did a little experiment. We put a conversation heart in a tray of water, made a hypothesis, and waited to see what would happen.

val hearts science Collage

The boys then got to indulge in a few hearts as well. Funny story, the next day J got his chart down (the one where the glued the hearts to the columns) and since he couldn’t eat the hearts, he licked the ink off each one! He had a blue nose and chin from rubbing on the column of hearts as he went.

One of my new favorites

As I have mentioned in the past, I love pictures. I usually have my phone or my camera with me at all times. My kids are used to it and I often get cheesy smiles. But some of my favorite pictures are ones like this:


The kids aren’t even looking at the camera but you know it is precious moment. J was pretending to be a train conductor while giving E and G a ride. I just love it.

Sweet moments

With all the emotion of house hunting right now, sometimes I have to remind myself to step back and forget all that. I have to just enjoy the sweet moments that are in my present.


A day at the park filled with smiles.


All three kiddos wrestling, tickling, and laughing with each other.


A special moment between brothers.


And a chocolate pudding face taking a bath.

House hunting is like dating

So after years of renting, moving, and changing jobs, Husband and I are starting a house hunt. We want to make a home for our kids to grow up in.
However I have figured this out about house hunting, it is an awful lot like dating. You start out maybe hoping that the first one you see will fit perfectly-like a high school sweetheart. Then there may be others that you look at even though they may not be “take to meet the parents” or family friendly neighborhoods. Then there are those that seem so perfect but feelings aren’t reciprocated (seller has too high of demand).
We have courted a few so far. We just have to wait for the right partner to come onto the market.