O is for Octopus

As usual, we started out with a book. We read An Octopus Followed Me Home.  I had the boys count how many legs an octopus has and then reviewed where an octopus lives. I then put glue, sissors, paper, and markers out for open ended octopus making. I cut out a large circle for an octopus head and suggested that the boys cut the paper into strips for legs. E needed help with cutting (I held the paper as he cut); while J is starting to get the hang out cutting (though not in a straight line). After they were done adding the right number of legs, the boys glued their legs to the circle heads and drew on eyes, nose, and a mouth. While it doesn’t look like how I pictured it while I planning (as usual), I know the boys enjoyed the process and were proud of how their octopus came out.

octopus making Collage-blog

octopus Collage-blog


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