Valentines Day school

So as a minor side note from our day of the week routine, we celebrated Valentines Day. I have seen various ideas on Pinterest on using the conversation hearts so we went for it. First we sorted our heart by color and then we charted the hearts to see which color we had the most of. J practiced writing his writing and wrote the total at the bottom of each column.

valentines sort Collage

As usual the boys were not ready to be done, so we did a little experiment. We put a conversation heart in a tray of water, made a hypothesis, and waited to see what would happen.

val hearts science Collage

The boys then got to indulge in a few hearts as well. Funny story, the next day J got his chart down (the one where the glued the hearts to the columns) and since he couldn’t eat the hearts, he licked the ink off each one! He had a blue nose and chin from rubbing on the column of hearts as he went.

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