Teething is like child birth

Most women remember certain details of both but tend to block out or forget most of the pain.
This week is the week I forgot how bad teething can get. I don’t remember the boys being all that bad with teething. J woke up during the night crying and wanting cuddles when he teethed his molars. I, honestly, don’t remember any difference in E with any of his teeth-maybe just a cranky day but no distinct difference. Well…..G is way, way different. She went from this smiling happy girl:


To this:


Inconsolable crying. Rolling away from any cuddle or contact. Fingers in her mouth trying to make her gums feel better.
There are happy moments but any little thing can change that in a second. She trips over the dog who has been laying on the same spot for the past hour-her smile turns to


So we will be roughing it through this week….and then forgeting how bad it all was…until the next set comes in đŸ˜‰


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