Decorating as a couple and a steal of a deal

In moving into our first house of our own, Husband and I have been navigating the blending of styles. We agreed and got a gorgeous big clock for our mantel.


I absolutely love the clock. I love the presence it makes and how you actually see it before the tv because of how the room is situated. We now have to decorated around it; for example, I love the lantern that Husband and I picked out together, but wonder if it has been dwarfed by the size of the clock. And that plant looks like good size but I also know it won’t stay that way; so do we get a bonsai style that will stay that size for years. But that is all in the journey.
I have had luck with our play/school/guest room. Toys are pretty hard to “make pretty” so we have gone function over style. And this is the room where I was able to get my steal of a deal via Craigslist. I had my dad help me get it (Husband was working, I wanted to get it fast before anyone else found it, and honestly you never know who is on the other end of a craigslist exchange). I managed to find a Pottery Barn sofa for a mere $50! Granted it has red slip cover cushions and white body…BUT even if I spent $150 on nice fabric, I would still be way, way ahead of the $900 new sticker price. And the best part was Husband sat on it and gave the seal of “it’s comfortable” approval.
So we will continue on in making a house our home. Though it has been tough not doing every project we want to do right away. (And I think Husband may start tuning out every time I start a conversation with “I saw this thing on Pinterwst…”)


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