It is almost that time…

The other day a package came with some clothes for the kids I had ordered online. Since they were end if season clearance I figured they were mostly next years clothes. So in ordering I order G 2t and up and the boys J kids size 4 and up. (Sigh, he is getting to the point of no longer being able to wear toddler 😦 There is no baby left.) I figured E had plenty of clothes-hand me downs- so I didn’t order for him. Yet another mommy mistake because you know when kids see packages they automatically assume there is something special for them inside.
Well when the packge came, I opened it to double check everything. J found a label that had 4 on it and took it and ran (to put it on of course). That left E with a big fat nothing-or so I thought. In attempts to be fair-ish, I gave J the size 5/6 shirt knowing full well it would be too big-and it was. I then gave E the size 4 shirt J had grabbed initially; I figured it would be too big. Evidently E is bigger that I expected because, while the shirt was big, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.
So that created slight panic in my mind. The time is approaching us fast. The time of the boys being in the same size number. J being in a 4 (kids) and E being in a 4T. I see fighting over clothes is coming in the future. How do I expain to the boys who have been looking at numbers for years to determine whose is whose, to just stop and look at whether there is a T or not. Panic is rising in this mommy. And of course it only really matters on their shirts. E still needs the 3T waistband. God help me as I take on this next awkward stage of parenting.


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