A breath of fresh air

Our house interior is tan…everywhere. All the walls in every single room. All the ceilings. Everywhere. And on top of that it is flat finish which is not good for high traffic areas or kids with grubby hands. Kids have left oil and dirt marks everywhere. And if I try to clean it, it looks worse or chips the paint off.
So we have been starting the paint selection process. The blending of Husbands and my taste in colors. We agreed on mostly bedrooms colors. Downstairs is giving us a bit of a challenge as to what color and/or how to divide the colors in the best possible way (as we have a very open concept floor plan).
In wanting to rid at least one room of tan, we renovated the guest/downstairs bathroom. It is small so it gave a perfect opportunity to see how well the tan would be to cover up.
Here is what we started with:



Of course I was blessed with help from some adorable kiddos.


I had gotten oops paint (what looked to me in the store as a tranquil pale green gray). Well Husband didn’t like it at all. So he picked up some paint. Blue. A very bright blue.



It was a bit too bright at first for me to be honest. It looked like a straight shot to baby blue or under sea kids themed bathroom. But not wanting to spend more on paint, I did my best to “adult-ify” it (yes I made up that word but you know what I mean). I thought of Husbands and my trip to Maui and remembered how incredibly blue the water was. And it took off from there…


Custom towel rack rather than builder-yuck towel bar. With, of course, one of pictures from our Maui trip.


A new mirror (Hobby Lobby clearance score-only $20!!), a shelf with recycled jar, canning jar, and a couple decorative items too.


It is just a breath of fresh air to walk into. I love the break from tan and it makes me want to tackle more rooms.

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