Has it really been three years?

I recently got a new computer (as my laptop crashed back in April) and realized while signing in tonight that it has been three years since I started this blog. I am still keeping it true to why I started it too. I never started it to earn money or become a full-time job. I started it to simply keep a record of my journey as a mom and keep those family far away semi-included in our day-to-day life. I have slowed my pace of posts simply because typing on a smart phone is frustrating.

But looking back at the posts three years ago, we have come so incredibly far. J is beyond potty training and into preschool/kindergarten. E is no longer a few months old but instead a handsome, head-strong boy. And Miss G wasn’t planned yet, but now has graced us with a sweet smile and spunky personality. Husband and I have made the decision to homeschool and become homeowners. So much has changed in the past three years, yet our commitment to keeping our family close hasn’t wavered.

I can not wait for the next three years. God only knows what is in store! I only hope that we grow closer to God and stronger as a family.



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