I am going to do it

On my bucket list is running a half marathon. It’s there because I figured I couldn’t do it with kids. I like sleep and I feel guilty leaving them to do a workout. I know there is the arguments of it makes you a better mom so don’t feel guilty. I know. It does make me a better mom. I can keep up with them more and not struggle with my breath racing up/downstairs to get to the hurt cry on the other end. But that doesn’t take away my guilt.
Also, I have always disliked running. I am more of a sports kinda girl. I like being distracted by the action than to think about the running.
But my sister asked me to run a half marathon with her. Well she asked for January in DisneyWorld. I just can’t do that schedule wise-pushing myself too much too fast with such a limited schedule with kids. I also couldn’t do it money wise-I wouldn’t just be flying out it would be a very expensive family trip that we really can’t afford right now.
So I asked if she would do the one in Disneyland September 2014. She said yes…so looks like I committed to it. I am going to run a half marathon. I am already 6 workouts into it. I am right now excited that I am going to be marking it off my bucket list. It will happen.


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