Kids need it too

I recently read an article in a running magazine that I loved as a PE major but also had things I had never thought about before. It was about fighting childhood obesity through running. One point that specifically stood out to me was that most kids have never seen their parents exercise. Parents tend to go when kids are asleep, at school, or being watched by someone else.
While I am no different most of the time, I have also made an effort to include my kids too. For example when I was getting ready to leave for morning jog J decided he wanted to “go running” too. With that article in mind, I decided to put aside my own plan and made it a fun run with J. And he was so proud that he was exercising.
I also wanted to avoid cartoons a little bit longer last night, so I looked at our on-demand exercise tv section. I did a dance one with the kids-which resulted in lots of giggles. I also found a kids section. So the boys did some yoga…



J really liked doing it-requesting it over and over. E did it maybe 3 times before his attention was elsewhere. And G was just hanging out with me (teething like crazy on an apple).
I am trying to instill the fun of exercising with my kids. I am hoping they don’t dread running like I do did.


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