Slightly overwhelmed

Right now I am working on the curriculum that we will be using this school year. (Yes, still working on it. With no computer for a few months, I “pinned” ideas on my Pinterest boards but couldn’t prep them and build a plan.) I am making head way but just got to a point of feeling overwhelmed. I am about 2 months of curriculum organized and ready to print, when I read about emergent readers. I went to school with a plan of teaching PE to middle school- not elementary. I am still learning what is out there as teaching methods.

Anyways, I read about emergent readers. I think J may be at the point of learning sight words and maybe reading…maybe. So this repetitive style reader seemed to be a great idea. Overwhelming part- realizing if I want to do it I have to a) go back and make a reader for the  2 months worth of materials I thought was all ready to go and b) add that to the list of things I still have to prep for the remaining part of the school year. Oh ya, and did I mention we are still on W from our letter of the week curriculum. So I am trying to finish that up while planning and prepping for this year and I want to add one more big thing to each unit! Overwhelming to say the least.

So I am going to take a breather. Do some more research and see if I want to go that route or if a different method would be better or maybe a combo so I would have only a few to do. Sigh. and this is when I have to laugh too thinking of the comments I sometimes get from other moms about me having it all together. Ha!


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