Catching up- Part 2

This will be a picture heavy post so be prepared!

We have had some catching up to do to finish out our letter of the week curriculum. We didn’t do everything I had originally planned; but that is ok because it gave more time for the boys to just play. No need to push into longer school time just yet. I’ll save the “teacher card” for when it needs to be done- like math and grammar.

So we finished out the alphabet:

U for umbrella:


V for vegetables. I loved this because it made trying new vegetables fun for J. It also helped him realize that he likes more vegetables than he thought.


W for woodpecker and wind(windsock)

woodpeckerCollage windsockCollage

X for eXplorers, taXi, and X-ray

eXploreCollage taXiCollageXrayCollage

Y for yak (E was feeling shy that day so no pictures- but he did trace yak very well)

Yak Collage

and last but not least, Z for zoo. The kids all made little zoos with animal stickers. Then, we went to a small county zoo that actually takes the rescues that had no hope of rehabilitating back to wild or the older animals that the big zoos no longer want (I guess visitors want to always see the cuddly or very active so old animals often get left behind). I don’t mind if the animals lounge a bit more than usual. It still is a great experience for the kids.

zoo Collage

zootrip Collage

It has been a wonderful year full of learning and getting to know my boys’ personalities a bit better. I know that J loves to write while E will do it but not as willingly. E wants to be able to do everything himself. I pray that I did enough  to start a love for learning and that God gives me the strength and patience to continue on this amazing journey. (But really, isn’t that every homeschooler’s prayer?!)

Next up…unit studies! Still piecing things together but I am actually excited about how it is coming together. I also like the fact that it could go on as long as we want it to. If they get really interested in one unit topic we can dive deeper. I also am excited that I am moving some stuff up a half level for J. He is just excelling so much more than I imagined. So E will be preschool level again and J will be pre-K. 🙂


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