And to finish out our apple unit…

With doing so many apple activities, we had to round out our unit with a trip to go apple picking. Of course, this late in our season there weren’t very many apples left to be picked. But we managed to find some small ones left up in the tree tops, and the kids didn’t mind at all.

apple pick Collage

family apple pick


Apples, apples, and more apples

We did lots of apple activities since we got back from vacation.

For school, the boys were busy little bees. we started with scissors practice. I was truly amazed at how well J did with it. E had more fun cutting little pieces than cutting on the lines. I figured as long as practice of holding and cutting with scissors was done it was a completed lesson.

fall Collage 1

Then the boys colored in trees and added apple stickers according to the number written on the tree.

apple tree Collage

We practiced out numbers some more with a roll and color chart. Both boys would do a happy dance after they rolled a number, chanting what the number was. It was cute and funny how much they were getting into the chart activity.

J fall chart CollageE fall chart Collage

And last up was an apple investigation complete with cube weighing and measuring…

apple investigate1 Collageapple investigate2Collage

and of course tasting too!

apple investigate3Collage

All about me-quick unit

So before we went on vacation, I did a quick unit with the boys. I had a whole big unit planned out on “all about me” but without a printer to print worksheets or means to get things (money going to vacation after all), we did a quick body unit with what we had on hand. We will go back and do the rest of the unit whenever. That is what I am liking about unit studies. We can mix it up and study whatever unit the boys are interested in with no pressure of order.

I had recently picked up a body book from the library (love their sale area. I have been finding great books for so cheap for the unit studies!). J absolutely loves it. It talks about the different parts of the body (skeleton, muscles, organs, etc) in a pretty simple way. J and E both now when they hit the elbow or knee on something will cry about how they hit that bone and that their skeleton hurts. So stinkin’ cute. But what is even better is when you ask the boys (and I had Husband and my dad ask at different times) what their fingers are called, they shock the heck out of people when they say very matter-a-factly that their fingers are called phalanges. Love it.

But back to the unit…J and E filled out all about me posters.

IMG_4516blog IMG_4510blog

and used the body book as a reference for making their own anatomical bodies. (Thank you to a good co-homeschooling mom friend that passed on these cool body sticker sets for my boys. I think she purchased them through Oriental Trading.)

IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4495bIMG_4499


Seattle Vacation

Last week, we took a family vacation. It has been almost a year since we took a vacation. (Well, Husband technically had vacation in May when we moved but all of our funds were tied up in house buying and stuff moving.) So for us, it was time to get a vacation again. We eneded up in Seattle. Husband and I both wanted to go there and the budget allowed it so off we went. (Crazy fact for you- it was the same price to fly to Seattle and stay there for 4 days as it would have been to drive down to Anaheim (about 6 hours), stay in the Paradise Pier hotel, and play in Disneyland for 2 days!)

Anyways, we went, we explored, and we had fun just relaxing and reconnecting as a family…

The first day was recovering from the 4am wake up call and then taking a nice walk at the waterfront park that was so wonderfully close to the hotel.


The next day we walked the city center (isn’t pretty how the cloud/fog covered the needle. It was eerie and pretty at the same time.), took the monorail over to Pike Place Market, and ended the day with a long walk at the same waterfront park. This time walking the half mile down to Olympic Sculpture Park.

morning1 Collagemonorail CollagepikeplaceCollageolympicpark Collagepark-sunsetCollage family-seattle

We spent a day with family up at their house in Northern Washington. It was nice to visit and have a relaxing day. Our final day was a trip to the Museum of Flight. This museum is amazing and I wish the kids would have cooperated and let Husband and I read more. IF Husband and I get a couples trip, I might ask to visit this museum again.

museumCollagemuseum2Collage museum3Collage

And last up was waiting for our plane at the airport. The kids were getting restless (at their typical bedtime but our plane didn’t leave until 8:30p) so we put on some cartoons on our phones and they crowded around to watch.


Overall, a very good vacation. But as with most vacations, it was nice to get back and get back to our normal routine.

So don’t do what I did

Backstory: My dad worked a lot when I was a kid. So my mom often did the “man’s job” like mowing the lawn and hanging the Christmas lights. My dad and mom both encouraged and taught my sister and me how to mow the lawn, and such various things around the house. This ended up being a great lesson, because I have the confidence to take care of most of the stuff around the house that Husband might not get to because of his long work hours….

Now back to the story. About 6 weeks ago I was going about my business of mowing the backyard lawn- as it was getting pretty high- making that Miss G didn’t want to walk out in it. We had just moved our boat into the side yard which leaves maybe a foot or so between the boat and the side of the house. So I had to mow the lawn and simply lifted the lawnmower up over the boat from the garage man door out into the backyard. I proceeded to mow the lawn as usual. Then…stupid mistake that I strongly encourage you to NOT do. I went to lift the lawnmower back over the boat to be put back into the storage spot in the garage. Never mind that the motor had been going and now was extremely hot! The mower started teetering and I used my leg to stabilize it. BAD MOVE! It seared my leg. I ended up having a sever second degree burn on my thigh. So bad I had to go to the doctor to get special ointment and stronger ibuprofen to reduce swelling. It was crazy.

What made me more frustrated than the stupidity of my mistake was that I had been going strong into my fourth week of training for my bucket list goal half marathon. With my leg so severely burned I had to stop. I could barely walk let alone work out. So I stopped for nearly 6 weeks. Not a good feeling. I was itching to get back at it the whole recovery time. Now it is mostly healed so I am back at getting into the workout routine. Good thing I gave myself plenty of training time. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had only given myself the suggested 9-12 week training schedule!

SO moral of the story, don’t move a lawnmower in any such way other than how it was designed to be- rolling on the ground.

A bit delayed but…

Here they are. We took our back to school pictures outside. We are already in our new school year so I should’ve caught the blog up already. Well, that will come. Vacation is done, my leg is almost healed (long story for another post), and we are back on track. So for now enjoy back to school pictures- better late than never!

1stdayCollage IMG_4718

and then I went a little special photo effects happy…