All about me-quick unit

So before we went on vacation, I did a quick unit with the boys. I had a whole big unit planned out on “all about me” but without a printer to print worksheets or means to get things (money going to vacation after all), we did a quick body unit with what we had on hand. We will go back and do the rest of the unit whenever. That is what I am liking about unit studies. We can mix it up and study whatever unit the boys are interested in with no pressure of order.

I had recently picked up a body book from the library (love their sale area. I have been finding great books for so cheap for the unit studies!). J absolutely loves it. It talks about the different parts of the body (skeleton, muscles, organs, etc) in a pretty simple way. J and E both now when they hit the elbow or knee on something will cry about how they hit that bone and that their skeleton hurts. So stinkin’ cute. But what is even better is when you ask the boys (and I had Husband and my dad ask at different times) what their fingers are called, they shock the heck out of people when they say very matter-a-factly that their fingers are called phalanges. Love it.

But back to the unit…J and E filled out all about me posters.

IMG_4516blog IMG_4510blog

and used the body book as a reference for making their own anatomical bodies. (Thank you to a good co-homeschooling mom friend that passed on these cool body sticker sets for my boys. I think she purchased them through Oriental Trading.)

IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4495bIMG_4499



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