Apples, apples, and more apples

We did lots of apple activities since we got back from vacation.

For school, the boys were busy little bees. we started with scissors practice. I was truly amazed at how well J did with it. E had more fun cutting little pieces than cutting on the lines. I figured as long as practice of holding and cutting with scissors was done it was a completed lesson.

fall Collage 1

Then the boys colored in trees and added apple stickers according to the number written on the tree.

apple tree Collage

We practiced out numbers some more with a roll and color chart. Both boys would do a happy dance after they rolled a number, chanting what the number was. It was cute and funny how much they were getting into the chart activity.

J fall chart CollageE fall chart Collage

And last up was an apple investigation complete with cube weighing and measuring…

apple investigate1 Collageapple investigate2Collage

and of course tasting too!

apple investigate3Collage

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