Kinda fall out of love

I started this blog years ago as a way to first vent on the frustration of potty training while having a baby in tow; and second, to document our kids lives like an online letter to the future them about all we did and how much we loved being their parents. Then when we started our homeschooling journey I used the blog to share the experience with family near and far.
However, I have fallen out of love with blogging. I hate having to type out posts on my phone (takes forever, no spell check, and pictures can’t be edited). And getting time at the computer is rare (kids constantly crawling up and pushing buttons making writing a post and editing pictures a frustrating time).
So I just stopped. We continue to homeschool. We continue to have fun and be present in our kids lives. I will continue to take pictures and scrapbook as a reminder to our future kids of all we did and how much we loved. But the desire to blog and share just wasn’t there. I might pick it up again when kids don’t crawl on me to get to the computer. So for now it will be an app on my phone that rarely gets opened and a computer page that will be a favorites though not visited. I hope you all understand, I appreciate the support, and maybe someday I will get the desire to blog again.