G and her favorite vegetable

Amazingly G is pretty good about eating all kinds of vegetables. She loves peas and steamed carrots. She eats green beans and squashes too. But her favorite of all….the one that I have to wrestle from her hands which ends in crying….corn on the cob. G will teethe the cob way past kernels.





O is for Oranges

IF you read my previous post, you would know that I didn’t have a good start to our school day yesterday. Once I took my breather break (ie- did a load of laundry), I was refocused. The boys still wanted to do school and I wanted something I knew would actually work. So we did O for Oranges…

First we read An Orange in January.  Prefect book as it was about how an orange grows from a blossom to being picked; then delivered to the store to be bought by a little boy. And the fact that the last part takes part in January helped reinforce the month for J (who noticed it right away). We then went over a parts of an orange. I had the boys describe how the peel felt, smelled and tasted (J’s face was priceless). I invited J to cut the orange open with his plastic lettuce knife. We described how the inside flesh/pulp smelled and tasted.  E and J also drew an orange at the bottom of the chart (the best they were able to of course).

orange chart Orange taste test Collage

Since the flesh/pulp was the “yummy part because it’s juice” according to J, I invited the boys to use the juicer to make their own orange juice. It was tough work, but the juice was a sweet treat at the end.

Orange juice Collage

Getting your hands dirty

For the longest time I was scared of making tortillas. I thought it was too labor intensive;something saved for those deeply rooted in family tradition or those that have the whole foods perspective. (Now I do try to keep as much of our kids’ food healthy,but somethings like tortillas I buy in premade form at the store.)
However I have changed my mind a little. I first attempted tortillas after I read a recipe here that used butter instead of lard. (I have butter on hand, but lard I would have to buy just to try a recipe.) It worked! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I mean it does take more time than opening a package, but it wasn’t all day. Husband loved them, too! My tortillas puff up a bit more so they end up more like gordita style or tortilla bread. And my tortillas are definitely not perfectly round.But for tacos, they are yummy. I also make a double batch and freeze those we don’t use right away; which Husband likes for an occasional quesadilla.
We recently ran out of our freezer supply so it was time to make another batch. This time J decided he wanted to help and get his hands dirty.


It was more messy than usual, but J loved helping. He was so proud of the ones he rolled out and ate more than he normally would have. Now our freezer supply is restocked.

J is for jam and Jonah

For this week, J was super excited. This week we are covering the letter “J” which J knows starts his name. He loved seeing our chart switch over to “J” and was hopping up and down in anticipation to put “J” on our chicka, chicka, boom boom tree.
While E took his nap and G ate her lunch, J made some freezer jam. I usually make cooked jam but that is less kid friendly, so freezer jam it was.
J mashed up some mixed berries-mostly strawberries and raspberries with some blackberries and blueberries. He measured out the needed amount in a giant measuring cup.

Then J measured out the sugar and mixed the two together.

When it was time he mixed in the pectin and finally spooned it into the jars.

I pretty much let him do it all. I would read the directions and let him figure it out himself. He did make a mess but part of the lesson was cleaning up after yourself.
J loved doing it all by himself and proudly showed E when he woke up. They even had toast with new jam for dessert! Update: J was so proud of his jam, he insisted that he take a jar to share with his friends at their playdate today!
As usual, J asked to do more school when we finished the jam;so we read about Jonah and the big fish in our preschool bible. We talked about how God is always there and can see what we are doing; just like God could see that Jonah was running away. I continued on how God didn’t like that Jonah wasn’t doing what he was told and Jonah got in trouble because of that. I reminded J that he has to do things that would make God happy, like share his toys with his brother/sister/friends and listen to mom/dad. I also told him if he ever needed God’s help or to say sorry for something he had done to make God unhappy, he should pray. J really understood that. (He asked if that is what we do when we pray at night before bed. I said yes, we are thanking him for the day and asking God to protect us through the night. J smiled and said his prayer extra loud last night). Then J colored the page that I had for him of Jonah praying inside the fish.

A is for Apple

This week we are covering the letter A (as the short vowel). So far we have done A is for Apple. First we read The Apple Pie Tree. Then we tasted various types to see the differences in skin color, in taste (sweet/sour), and if we liked it or not (yummy/yucky as J put it). Turns out theboys like all apples. Not a single one was yucky.

J and E also dissected an apple. We talked about the parts of an apple. How the skin was red (it was a gala), the stem and seeds were brown, and the flesh/part we eat is white. The boys cut their apples to remove the seeds; and discovered their apples had a different number of seeds. E had 5 seeds while J had only 3. They then glued the seeds and stems to the diagram.

And of course, we had apples as a snack. Yum!