Biggest trees in the world!

Here in good ol’ California we have the biggest trees in the world. The Calaveras Big Trees State Park boasts the magnificent sequoias. It is about a 2 hour drive from us- so practically in our backyard. Before the kids were really too small to allow for us to visit, but we managed to get to the park this past week. It was a cool 70 degree day- perfect for a small hike/walk with little ones. The park is absolutely beautiful…

Bigtrees Collage1

bigtrees Collage3

Is it not adorable seeing Husband walking hand in hand with Miss G?! And that shot with the boys in the tree trunk just shows you how massive these trees are.

Bigtrees Collage2

big trees Collage4

It was a great day with the family. (Aside from occasional whining and crying of course. G is deciding whether or not to boycott her naps which makes planning stuff like this difficult.)


Warms a mommy’s heart

Today, I got to see the joy spread over my boys faces as they got ready to go on a fishing trip with their daddy. Clothes were changed faster than ever. Non stop talking in excitement. And smiles that spread across their entire face as they kiss me goodbye and climb into the truck. So precious and heart warming.
And….well I had only one child to drag around got one on one time with Miss G as we went shopping for Easter basket/egg filler.

Sweet Husband

After 9 years of being together, and almost 5 years of marriage, Husband still surprises me.
Last week, J and I got sick (I think food poisoning). The last day of my recovery, Husband got sick too! We got rid of pretty much everything in our frig.
But anyhow, after all that Crap, Husband surprised me with an awesome bouquet of roses.


Gorgeous. When I least expected it and when I really needed a smile.
Thank you Husband. You are amazing.

G is for gorilla (and a trip to the zoo)

We started out our new week with a trip to the zoo. We stopped by the gorillas and talked about how gorillas are the same as us and how they are different.




The boys loved watching the toddler gorilla(about 2 years old-we saw him as tiny baby when we came when E was 2months old!). The little gorilla would take a handful of dirt and throw it at the dad gorilla to entice him to play. Most of the time the elder seemed to just ignore the little one’s antics, but would occasionally wrestle and tumble with the toddler. It was so similar to our family sometimes when we have a chore to get done but kids nag to play.
We also learned how giraffe starts with a g as well. J noticed right away how long the giraffes’ tongues are when they ate the leaves.


giraffe picking over rocks at us

And we of course saw many other animals too. Miss G was so good the whole time.


But no trip with the kids seems complete without a souvenir ride on a train.



B is for…

In our adventure in preschool at home we have moved on through the letter B. J and E learned that B is for bubbles, bus, and beach.

We read Bubble Trouble and blew bubbles as big as we could. We also read Seals on the Bus. J and E had practice naming shapes and glueing when we made the shape bus.  

It was a great exercise in my self-limiting control. As you can see J didn’t make his bus like I would. I had to force myself to not say anything; and instead praise him for his imagination. While E followed my lead so it came out closer to what I pictures as I planned this lesson.

And finally in our B week we went to the Beach. Husband planned this one so it was mostly spelling out Beach in the sand to try to reinforce letters and writing; and of course playing in the waves.

Let’s get messy!

My kids are no stranger to getting their hands dirty. I want them to enjoy the joy of digging their toes in mud, the discovery of when digging you may find a worm or two, and the leaning about the said worm by poking, prodding, and asking questions. I call this childhood.

So when I mentioned an idea of a messy playdate to a fellow mommy and she said yes, the mess was on. We actually turned it into a bigger event (it ended up being an extra session of “Mornings with Mommy” that our church puts on). We had a jello dinosaur dig, bugs in dirt discovery area, a spray paint area (watered down tempera paint in spray bottles and squirt guns), a cloud (tarp covered in shaving cream), oobleck (cornstarch/water mix), and Husband’s contribution of a “kid wash”…

Think my kids liked it? 😉  We already want to do it again.

Tough part of life

Some things in life are tough. No one really needs to you that. However there are times where the innocence of childhood breaks your heart. Like today when J said this to Husband, “Daddy, you don’t go to work today? You stay here and play with us.” You could have torn both our hearts out.

I really admire how Husband explained it to J. Husband told J that he would love more than anything to be able to stay home to play. But how we do fun things like the zoo, museum, or Disneyland (which of course J nodded like crazy to), those cost money. So Daddy has to work to make money so we can do those fun things. J seemed to understand this and now will come up to me and tell me “Daddy at work for money”.

It doesn’t make it any easier, but I am beyond thankful that Husband makes enough that I don’t have to work. I get to be here for our kids.