The beginning of the end

Know what this is?


It is the beginning (gathering of supplies) of the end of diapers in this household! I can not believe that Miss G is old enough to start potty training. She has been showing signs of readiness so we are going to dive in again into the whole training program. I have been told numerous times that it clicks faster for girls so I am hopeful. G is almost a year younger than the boys were when they showed this many signs of being ready. So I may drop off again as we face this new step…but hey this time I know, when I am done, I am done for good! Crazy how fast the time has flown.


Seriously? I am not that old.

So I am about 3 weeks into training and well, my knee is tender. What the heck! Now I am used to ankles aching from injuries back from high school. But my knees? Never had a problem. Its weird too that my knee doesn’t hurt while walking or jogging. When I feel the tenderness is when I bend my knee or try to kneel down to change a diaper.
I feel so old complaining of pain. I am not that old so this feels odd.Ā  So I will watch it and work through the pain. It has gone away a little bit. I am still going to do this. I am going to check half marathon off my bucket list.

I am going to do it

On my bucket list is running a half marathon. It’s there because I figured I couldn’t do it with kids. I like sleep and I feel guilty leaving them to do a workout. I know there is the arguments of it makes you a better mom so don’t feel guilty. I know. It does make me a better mom. I can keep up with them more and not struggle with my breath racing up/downstairs to get to the hurt cry on the other end. But that doesn’t take away my guilt.
Also, I have always disliked running. I am more of a sports kinda girl. I like being distracted by the action than to think about the running.
But my sister asked me to run a half marathon with her. Well she asked for January in DisneyWorld. I just can’t do that schedule wise-pushing myself too much too fast with such a limited schedule with kids. I also couldn’t do it money wise-I wouldn’t just be flying out it would be a very expensive family trip that we really can’t afford right now.
So I asked if she would do the one in Disneyland September 2014. She said yes…so looks like I committed to it. I am going to run a half marathon. I am already 6 workouts into it. I am right now excited that I am going to be marking it off my bucket list. It will happen.

You know it’s bad when they ask to go to the doctor

Our poor E has been miserable today. He is grabbing his ear and whimpering and crying if you even ask him how he is feeling. E also has been sucking his thumb with a vengeance (he had actually stopped for a while now but is relapsed). He doesn’t have a fever though so it is throwing me for a loop. He even came up to me this afternoon, after not eating lunch, and asked if I could take him to the doctor to make his ear stop hurting. Poor thing. And now at 2:45 he is passed out, taking a nap in the middle of the living room floor.
So we go into the doctor today at 5 to hopefully get some answers. If it is an ear infection though, I am nervous as last time he had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics they have him. So we will see…

Update: I was right. E had an infection in his left ear. He is on antibiotics for the next 5 days (and Kaiser is awesome in that regard-they have it in their database that E had a bad reaction to common stuff so prescribed other stuff right away without me worrying about it!). E seemed better tonight with first dose of antibiotics and ibuprofen for the pain. I am just glad we were able to catch it early.

Teething is like child birth

Most women remember certain details of both but tend to block out or forget most of the pain.
This week is the week I forgot how bad teething can get. I don’t remember the boys being all that bad with teething. J woke up during the night crying and wanting cuddles when he teethed his molars. I, honestly, don’t remember any difference in E with any of his teeth-maybe just a cranky day but no distinct difference. Well…..G is way, way different. She went from this smiling happy girl:


To this:


Inconsolable crying. Rolling away from any cuddle or contact. Fingers in her mouth trying to make her gums feel better.
There are happy moments but any little thing can change that in a second. She trips over the dog who has been laying on the same spot for the past hour-her smile turns to


So we will be roughing it through this week….and then forgeting how bad it all was…until the next set comes in šŸ˜‰

First day of real doubt

I have made doubts before about if I can really do this homeschool thing. I love seeing my boys grow, learn new things, and have such excitement for “doing school”.Ā  However days like yesterday raise doubts to be real. I had my first real day of frustration.

Normally if some lesson didn’t work, it was the boys being figgity to go play instead of what I had planned. No big deal especially with this being elective. Yesterday we tried to cover opposites. First of all trying to explain what an opposite is tested me. I wasn’t quite prepared with a preschooler level definition. So J and E never really got it. I tried again and again to re-explain what an opposite was, but I just received blank stares back. I got frustrated at myself for not being able to explain it. I didn’t want to get mad at the boys for goofing around when I wasn’t able to teach it properly. So we trashed that lesson and I took a breather break…

Planning for yet another year

We are only on the letter O in our letter of the week preschool year, but I am already looking into next years plan. You see J is at an awkward age as far as the public schools here in California are concerned. Because his birthday is in December, he would be 5 years old, turning 6 a few months into his kindergarten. I feel like this is late because he already knows so much. Should the homeschool thing not end up working out, J, and frankly E too, could become easily bored when they enter a public school system. So we are plowing ahead with more preschool. Next year I am planning on doing more of a unit study system so it can be varied from basic for E to more challenging for J.

As I am starting to look at different unit studies I am a bit overwhelmed. I know the boys will love anything I put in front of them, but I want to strike that balance of continuingĀ to push them forward without frustrating due to it being too hard. I also love so many different styles of unit studies that various preschool/preKĀ teacher blogs out there. Maybe it is a good thing that I am starting to plan out our next year so early. Plenty of time to prepare the best mix for our kiddos. And who knows, G might be trying to join the mix; which would mean a tot version of the unit studies as well.

So here I go…off to plan for another year while still enjoying the boys enthusiam for the current letter of the week plan.