Craziness and a birthday!

Since thanksgiving I have been in overdrive. We hosted thanksgiving here so that came with its our stresses. Then I co-organized a “Christmas for Kids” one day event with a friend for our church. We hosted about 20 kids for a morning of crafts, snacks, stories, and singing. It was a lot of work and both of us were exhausted afterwards, but the kids heard the wonderful story of the birth of our Savior so it was worth it.

Then I had a ton of baking and prep for Miss G’s birthday party. We wanted to do something special but also keep it fair (since we did only small gatherings for the boys 2nd birthdays). So we hosted a gingerbread house decorating party. I made 5 batches of gingerbread for the 10 houses (one for each kiddo) and several cookies for the adults to munch on as well. G and everyone had fun. (And one friend even hinted to maybe making it an annual thing,lol.)

partyprep bdaycake family G bday partyG bday

So funny when G opened her gift from Grandma and Grandpa that had new hair “pretties”, she wanted to wear them all! And that backpack from family (Daddy, myself, and the boys) was an instant hit. She even went to bed with it!




Pumpkin investigation

Just as we did for apples, the boys and I investigated our pumpkins. I used small sugar pumpkins so they would be manageable for the boys (and I wouldn’t get stuck with cleaning out huge pumpkins!)

Pumpkin investigationCollage1

pumpkininvestigation Collage2

We used their jack-o-lantern pumpkins as mantel décor (along side the plug in one).

Playing catch up-part 1

So we stalled in homeschool back in April when I lost my computer to the blue screen and all the craziness of moving entered into our lives. We still managed to find time to learn about the letters Q,R, S, and T before we moved though. I just didn’t have a computer to update. So is what we “sneaked in” before our move.

Q is for quilt.


R is for rain, rainbow, and racecars.

rainbow1Collage rainCollage rainbow2Collage Racecar Collage

S is for snow.

s is for snow Collage sisforsnowCollage1

T is for turtle


Protect yourselves from the sun

The past few days have been pretty hot (104*Friday, 108*Saturday, and a cool off to 91*today). So we have gotten back into the sunscreen before outside play routine (we tend to fall out of it during winter).
Since today was not quite as hot as previous two days, I took the opportunity to weed a little bit in our backyard. Well, as I came back to the patio from the sideyard, this is what I discovered…




So evidently I need to put the sunscreen bottle up out of reach after slathering up the kiddos.

Bathtime paint surprise

A few days ago I posted how I was frustrated by my first day of real doubt about homeschooling. While the day did turn around with the oranges activity, this was the icing on the cake. It reminded me that despite my frustration of teaching, to my kids I am still just mommy. So I had a surprise waiting for them after dinner…

bathtime paint Collage

Getting your hands dirty

For the longest time I was scared of making tortillas. I thought it was too labor intensive;something saved for those deeply rooted in family tradition or those that have the whole foods perspective. (Now I do try to keep as much of our kids’ food healthy,but somethings like tortillas I buy in premade form at the store.)
However I have changed my mind a little. I first attempted tortillas after I read a recipe here that used butter instead of lard. (I have butter on hand, but lard I would have to buy just to try a recipe.) It worked! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I mean it does take more time than opening a package, but it wasn’t all day. Husband loved them, too! My tortillas puff up a bit more so they end up more like gordita style or tortilla bread. And my tortillas are definitely not perfectly round.But for tacos, they are yummy. I also make a double batch and freeze those we don’t use right away; which Husband likes for an occasional quesadilla.
We recently ran out of our freezer supply so it was time to make another batch. This time J decided he wanted to help and get his hands dirty.


It was more messy than usual, but J loved helping. He was so proud of the ones he rolled out and ate more than he normally would have. Now our freezer supply is restocked.