The beginning of the end

Know what this is?


It is the beginning (gathering of supplies) of the end of diapers in this household! I can not believe that Miss G is old enough to start potty training. She has been showing signs of readiness so we are going to dive in again into the whole training program. I have been told numerous times that it clicks faster for girls so I am hopeful. G is almost a year younger than the boys were when they showed this many signs of being ready. So I may drop off again as we face this new step…but hey this time I know, when I am done, I am done for good! Crazy how fast the time has flown.


Potty training once again

I honestly have been slacking on potty training E. Since we only have a bathroom upstairs, simply taking him upstairs every time was daunting. Especially with G crying every time I went upstairs, my motivation was something to be desired. I allowed E to get lazy in pull ups.
However we have made huge progress in the past week. Since a huge car seat blow out that resulted in poop up E’s back all the way up to his neck and all over my jacket, my motivation was renewed. No more pull ups (except at night). Only underwear.
Day one, E had 3, what I call half accidents. He was standing at the base of the stairs at the baby gate calling to me “I have pee!”. So he was on his way but couldn’t get there in time.
Day 2, only accident was poop which most parents will tell you is a bit harder.
Day 3, only a half poop accident! Told me he had poop so we went upstairs. He finished on the toilet. I was beyond excited.
So I think we are in the clear…Yeah! Happy dance is going on over here. That means I am down to only one bottom to change! How awesome is that?!

Ps-anyone have advice on nighttime training? J still needs a pull up. If he isn’t in one and has an accident, he then crawls into our bed instead of back into his.

Tried, got frustrated, quit, and now…

I am talking about potty training E. I attempted it about a month ago. We ran out diapers and figured I might as well try. We lasted one day. E would have an accident, wouldn’t tell me, and then sit in wet. He also started crying if I even said let’s just sit on the potty. So in attempts to not make it any more stressful than it really needed to be, I quit and decided he could use a few more months of maturity.
Well, Husband had E and J yesterday. I guess Husband, of course, took E with when J had to go to the bathroom. Something must have sunk in because E refused to sit in the bath tonight-until I asked if he had to pee. He said yes, climbed out and had me hold him stable as he peed in the toilet! Not once but three times! Now he is sitting underwear at his request. Maybe E is just the type that has to do things when he feels like it. Hopefully it sticks and we can have two out of diapers. 🙂

Test run complete

I drove with the boys about a hour and a half down to see a friend. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding in June and we finally got our schedules to allow it. I was kinda nervous about how J would be giving me warning time on the drive and at a strange place. But…..
He did amazing! He told me that he had to go just as E finally fell asleep for his nap and as I drove passed an exit ramp and waited patiently as we drove to the nearest exit with a safe restroom. He made it to restroom with no accident to report.
Then, while we were visiting, J told me each time he had to go even though it was like every 30min due to all the water he drank on the way. J told me with plenty of warning and went confidently each time.
This means my test run of driving, warning time, and J’s Potty trained abilities was a huge success. He did so well I think the only think left to get is nighttime dryness-which for the record he has been for 2wks  (aside from 1night where he woke up in sweat and crying). I can’t believe J is really going on 1 whole month of being diaper free! He will definitely be so self-bathroom-going-sufficient if he goes to preschool next year.

I think I can

I haven’t wanted to say it out loud or even think it for that matter. I was afraid I might get my hopes up and then something will happen to dash them down again. BUT I think I can say out now without fear…
J is officially Potty trained!
J is 3 weeks diaper free (which has had a huge impact on the number of diapers we go through). He is 1 week with no accidents-at home and in public. We were able to go out last Wednesday for lunch and shopping with no accident to report. Yesterday at church J told me he had to “big Potty” with enought warning time to get things gathered up and get both boys shuffled to bathroom! Oh and he has stretches of night time dryness too. He is currently in a 4 night dry run right now-i had to throw the Pull-up away due to it being so tattered!
Now vacation will be the ultimately test with the 6 hour drive and waiting in lines. I kinda think he will be ok though. My pregnancy bladder has me going a lot and if I take J with me every time I have to go then he will have plenty of opprotunities to go.
I seriously can’t believe how smoothly it went after all the stress of attempting a year ago. I have learned my lesson and I will let E guide me rather trying to force it.

Just like

Before he even turned 2, J definitely got some “terrible 2s” tantrums. Now just like before, J is developing the “I-do-it 3s” behavior before reaching 3. For example, now when J goes to use the Potty he refuses my help. He insists on climbing up (now via step stool not mommy step), sitting on toilet, wiping, flushing, and closing lid all by himself. If I try to help, I get a very determined “I do it!” back at me. And if I try to help close the lid a little quieter than a slam, I get “Watch out mama…I do it!”. The only part I am allowed by J to do is put underwear/shorts back on and be a lift for hand washing. Other than that, my job in Potty training has dissolved away.
This is scary to me. Not the Potty going, but the growing up too fast, wanting more independence sooner part. Sigh. Before I know it I will be getting for the car keys and getting “don’t worry mom. I can do it drive”. Crap. Definitely not ready for that. I’ll get there, I think. Husband may need to take over that though…then again he has crashed many more cars than I have.
Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Can you ever be ready for your kids to grow up?

Trend that I could get used to

J is on a roll. He is doing so amazingly well on Potty training. He is 4 days with no accidents;which includes a trip to church, park, and tumbling playdate too. No accidents in public or at home! Ah-maz-ing!
On top of not having accidents, J also has decided that he “do it”. He is insistent on using “big Potty” otherwise known as a toilet. By himself, he will get his step, pull down underwear/shorts, and do #1 & #2 his business. J still needs help in pulling up everything again. He is even getting to a point I don’t really have to ask/remind him to go use Potty-he just goes.
As stressed as I was to start this whole process, I can’t believe J has come so far so fast. J has the cognitive development to understand when I said “no carpet, yes potty”. He knew I meant no peeing on carpet. He also has the physical development to be able to sense the urge to go and be able to control muscles to prevent accidents.
So I know now with E when he gets to that age, I should just let it happen when it happens. I shouldn’t let what people might think influence how early I start.
But seriously, J went from diapers to using Potty with no accidents in a week. Sure it isn’t the 24hour thing like some programs promise or moms brag about, but a week is not too shabby. So now we just have to work on warning time, public restroom use, and nighttime dryness (which currently comes and goes). I know these are all a part of J’s Potty learning curve.  I just hope I can work out the warning time and public use in time for vacation in Oct/Nov or we may be in for a lot more stress.