Me time

I don’t really like posting about myself because I don’t the focus on me. I want the focus to be on my kids and how we are trying to be the best parents we can as we learn along the way. But I admit I have written about my hate relationship with running and how hard it is to lose that baby weight. This will one of those times again.

I still hate running. I have move past the think-every-bad-thought-about-myself stage and into the I-just-plain-get-bored. Yes my gym has tvs to help me from going crazy distract. I still get bored. I go about 2 miles jogging and then I just get bored with it. I don’t find a happy place or a sweet relief pushing farther or any of that. I get bored with the jogging pace and end up getting off treadmill and onto another machine (elliptical/bike/etc). Help. Is it a phase that I need to push through? Or is that just gym running at its finest?

Is it just me or does other moms get this: I have intense mom guilt if I am away from my kids for more than hour when I work out. I feel like I should be there at home and not doing a long work out. It is just me?

Ok. It isn’t all bad. It has been almost excruciatingly slow but it has worked. Since starting the exercise routine in January, I have lost all but 5 pounds of the 30 I put on with pregnancy! Yeah! While I am kinda scared to do crunches/sit ups-I think the tendon connecting the abdominal muscles has stretched out too from all 3 pregnancies being so close;which I know that if you work out those muscles wrong you can actually form the muscles out instead of flat. But either way, the scale is dropping ever so slowly and I am into the second smaller (of three) set of non-elastic banded pants.

And lastly, I had some “me” time and got my hair (highlights) touched up-and I got bangs! I needed a change and went for it.



Been busy…in good way

So I disappeared for a few days and I may be MIA in the next few weeks. I have to adjust to this new normal. We have to figure out a routine that works for everyone….The reason:
We welcomed our little girl (“G”). To say Husband and I were shocked is a understatement. We couldn’t be happier.
The boys have been great. J tells us when “sister” is crying. E is super curious. He will be on tip-toes to peer over the bassinette and point.
So with the arrival of “G”, our family feels complete. Husband and I look forward to the memories that we get to have as proud parents of two handsome boys and a beautiful girl.

Oh this isn’t fair God

I knew I would be sleep deprived when the baby arrived, but this is so not fair. Last night I was “blessed” with my body preparing otherwise known as painful but irregular so no resulting in baby contractions for about 3 hours. When they finally stopped at midnight I was able to start to sleep. Then baby-smushed bladder woke me at 2a; followed by Pippy our dog desperately needing her own potty break at 3a. My bladder again at 4:30a. And finally J’s bladder and body clock deciding that 5:30a was an excellent time to be up for the day.
I am exhausted. I just want sleep. But that will have to wait until tonight when hopefully both boys are peacefully asleep, my bladder is empty, and my uterus isn’t busily preparing for a baby that is quite content staying in his/her fetal apartment. Sigh. God this is so not fair.

Ps- I know this is just the start of many months of not sleeping,but I at least want the baby here so I can have a cute face to look at and know it is worth being sleep deprived.

Waiting game

Now that we are within the last two weeks before due date the intense waiting game has started.
Strangers ask how much longer and when I tell them, I receive either an “almost there” or “please don’t go into labor right here” comments. Acquaintances ask if I am done yet (um, obviously not if I don’t have a baby in my arms and still have this enormous bump!). Friends and family are anxious to get the news.
I am not so much anxious but just excited about meeting our little one. I can’t wait to see how our family dynamic changes. The only things I worry (and have worried from very beginning) is having another big baby and going over due date. E was a chunk without any hint of gestational diabetes (which tend to lead to big babies if you didn’t know). So, I am really nervous on how big this baby might be cooking up to be. I am also very worries about going over due date. Along the big baby lines, more time baking means more chunk building time. But more than that, I don’t want to have a chance of having baby or being in hospital missing J’s birthday.
But of course we don’t know when this little baby will decide to join us. So the waiting game continues.

Special moment

An awesome, amazing moment happened last night….no, we didn’t end up at hospital, our little one is still baking away. It never happened with J or E. So this pregnancy gets to have its own distinctive special moment.
While in bed last night, I was trying to massage a lower stomach cramp away when the baby started moving almost to say “mom, your messing up my space mojo”. I mentioned it to Husband and he laughed. Then the baby got hiccups. These hiccups could be felt pretty much right in the same spot. I told Husband to put his hand there if he wanted to feel all the movement. Then the special moment…Husband never felt the rhythmically spasms of hiccups before! He looked at me and said he could feel a heartbeat-like movement. When I told him that it was hiccups his whole face lit up. He sat there with his hand on my stomach with a huge grin. It was so cute. He couldn’t believe that he was feeling what he was feeling. I am even going to record it in my pregnancy scrapbook because it only happened with this pregnancy.
It was such an amazing moment…but I am ready have the best moment of pregnancy. I want to see and hold our little one already. Husband even said it doesn’t seem like we ate going to have a baby in the next few weeks because I don’t seem miserable like I was at the end with E. I teased him I wasn’t but if it made it more real for him I could turn up the complaining. He didn’t like that idea, lol.

Freaking myself out

I know I have been posting a lot on pregnancy here lately. Well, J is doing so well Potty training that there isn’t any good blog-worthy stories right now. E just got his 11th tooth so we are preparing for #12 and the crankiness that goes with it. And really the end of this pregnancy is fast approaching so it seems to dominate my thoughts.
I am about 36.5weeks (out of 40 in case you don’t know or forgot). Last night I was talking to Husband and noted that J was born at 37.5weeks. He just looked at me and said, “Wow. We could have a baby literally any day now”. Yup I am only 7 days off of where I was when I had J. I am not prepared. Hospital bag- nope, not even close to being packed. Nesting-I had a little bout Thursday when I moved J’s solid oak dresser around his room, moved a full size box spring upstairs, and set up his solid oak bed frame…oh ya, all by myself. But cleaning part of nesting-not at all. I know I need to before Thanksgiving and a house full of family-and I pray that it will stay halfway clean until baby.
So now I am freaked out that I am under prepared for such a huge change in not only my life but in the whole family dynamic. Oh and that is could be as seriously ANY day now.

Eviction Notice

Dear little one,
You have been growing and have made yourself cozy in your little home. However this is your 30 day eviction notice. You need to pack up everything (make sure those systems are all mature and ready to go) and prepare yourself. I know this womb has been comfy but it is time for you to move into your new home. Daddy and I want to be able to hold you in our arms. J and E want to teach you everything they know.
So, Little one, you have 30days. You are welcome to move out early, but late will just create more stress than any of us would like.
Womb Management