Any room?

While the boys go to bed in their own beds, they seem to find their way to our room. Sometimes it is a nightmare. Other times it is waking for a midnight potty break and climbing in with us seems like a better option. We try to put them back in their own beds reminding them that they need to sleep in their own beds until the sun comes up.
However when the sun comes up, all bets are off. Husband and I want to sleep so after 6a we allow snuggles in our bed. This creates memories of giggles, snuggles with boys telling stories, and….bed take over.


This our cal king sized bed that, as you can see, J and E took over. Any room for Husband or me? Not so much, unless you want to contort your back into a wrenched position, take a slap in the face, or have a knee in your back.
But Husband and I always seem to soothe our aches away and remind each other that it won’t be long before the boys won’t want to hug, let alone snuggle with us. So we snuggle, giggle, and take extra hot showers to melt the back kinks away.


Week of chaos

This past week has been busy. No that is the wrong word. It has been so different from our normal routine. Well, different the most for J. He attended our church’s vacation bible school-which I might add is the first school-like experience he has had. J liked it but was tired and hungry the first day so he was ultra cranky when I picked him up. Once he had lunch, J was much more willing to talk about what he did all morning and even asked to go back. Tuesday was better. He didn’t need me to stay with him at all and was so excited to show me “school” (the preschool classroom where his class was). I even got some goofy faces after bathtime:


Wednesday was another shake up with Husband’s day off. We decided to take the kids to a children’s museum. It happened to be one I went to as a kid which have you ever gone back and noticed how vastly different a place is when your older versus your childhood memory. J loved it and has asked to go back everyday since.
Thursday was back to bible school for J. He did so well. It was so cute when he saw E, G, and me, he asked the teacher if he could come sit with us for closing devotion. When he came over J gave G the biggest hug and kiss; then gave E a hug and had his arm around E’s neck during the devotion. Which of course made the teenage girls swoon for their cuteness.  During the songs came on, J sang and showed E all the body movements that went along with the song. J had the biggest smile
But I think we put J’s poor body defense system on overdrive. Friday’s school morning ended early when he fell asleep during art time (thankfully I know everyone and they were wonderful in helping J find a comfy couch to lay on until I arrived). I checked in on J and found that he felt feverish. Sure enough at-home thermometer read a high 102 temperature.
Between bible school classmates and children’s museum germs, J’s body had more input than it could handle. J slept pretty much the rest of Friday. Last night was brutal. J ended up cuddled as much as could next to me despite feeling like he was on fire. His fever spiked even to 103.
Mid way through today this is what I find:


A sleeping through the fever J. He wakes only to go Potty, get medicine, or take a sip of water.
I pray it is just a small virus that doesn’t need more medicine. I pray that we don’t have to make a trip to the doctor. But most of all I hope my little one feels back to his normal self sooner than later.

Middle of the night

So last night I awoke at about 3am. I don’t really know why except something didn’t feel right. I looked down the hallway and sure enough the boys’ bedroom door was open. I looked at Husband’s side of the bed to see if J had managed to sneak in again. Nope. So then I checked their room. E was sleeping peacefully in his bed, but J was nowhere to be seen. Hmm.
I checked downstairs. Just in case he had thought it was time to get up and time down without us. Nope. Nothing well except spotting the stupid dog sleeping on the couch like she isn’t suppose to. Her 2 beds aren’t good enough compared to the couch I guess.
So now my mind is racing with all the “if”s. Did he open the front door by himself? Did he go out back? What if he did? Where would he be going outside at 3?
By this time my bladder told me a needed a quick break from searching. Then I noticed J’s pajamas shorts and underwear next to the Potty chair which he has used since I brought it out to start E’s training. Hmm. Where is he? I checked downstairs again-as I was midway through laundry so he could’ve gone down for a clean pair of underwear. Still no J.
I went back upstairs now to rouse Husband to help me search. I am going around the bed to Husband’s side and see…


j sleeping

Yup. J is halfway in our closet note all the dry cleaning hangers that Husband leaves everywhere with no underwear or shorts on-completely asleep. I gather him up, grab a pair of underwear, and put him back into his bed.
He awoke a few hours later at 6am. He didn’t say a thing about the midnight bathroom run or closet bed, even when asked. He just smiled and nodded that says yup that happened.
While I am glad he woke up to pee in the Potty rather than in his bed, we still have to work on the back into bed part.

When they go to bed

A few months ago, Husband and I decided it was time to move G out of the bassinette in our room and into her own crib. She had been pretty consistent sleeping through the night, so I wouldn’t have too many mid-night wakings to deal with.
But this meant the boys would have to start sharing a room. We wanted it to seem special so we bought new “big boy” beds for them and talked up how great it was for them to share a room.  They have taken to it like fish to water. J declared whose bed was whose (which was ironically how I was going to set them up anyways) and personalized accordingly. Cars, books, and army guys filled their closet (we took the door off to allow additional play space without door slamming).
The transition has gone surprisingly smoothly. Bedtime routine was adjusted and adapted to most nights. I usually read a few books to the boys before prayers, hugs, and good nights. Then with the door shut behind me I listen. Most nights I hear nothing except for movement to get into comfortable sleeping position. Some nights I hear E say something to the effect of let’s play and J responds with no it’s na-night time-or vice versa. But my favorite nights are when I hear J pick up a book and then “reads” it to E. Like tonight, J retold the story (Mater’s tall tale of being a fire engine and doctor), threw the book on the floor, and said “ok, good night E. Love you”. Melt my heart….Well until I had to go in for third time to remind E that it was time to sleep not play.
Overall though I am pleased with how the transition to new beds went and how well the boys adjusted to have someone else in the room when they are going to bed.

Sleep, glorious sleep

As many except those whose kids are night owls parents know, sleep is a luxury. New parents wait anxiously for that first night when baby sleeps for a stretch longer than 2 hours or even through the night-just to be worried something is wrong because baby didn’t wake mid-night.  Then many, including us, have kids on a schedule for bedtime for sanity sake. However this may and often does lead to way to early wake ups.
I have tried adjusting the boys bedtimes forward and back to find a time that would allow them to sleep in past 5:45-6a. I haven’t found it. And Miss G is following in the same pattern. This means I am pretty much up every morning at 6-without much consideration to the fact that “The Closer”s final season started or that the only time I could talk to Husband was when he got home at 10p. 😉
However for the first time in a very, very long time, Husband took the morning shift with the boys. I was able to sleep in until G woke up which was a more reasonable 7a. I woke refreshed instead of, well, pushed (by J), prodded (by E), and with help from a cup of coffee.
Thank you, Husband!

Oh this isn’t fair God

I knew I would be sleep deprived when the baby arrived, but this is so not fair. Last night I was “blessed” with my body preparing otherwise known as painful but irregular so no resulting in baby contractions for about 3 hours. When they finally stopped at midnight I was able to start to sleep. Then baby-smushed bladder woke me at 2a; followed by Pippy our dog desperately needing her own potty break at 3a. My bladder again at 4:30a. And finally J’s bladder and body clock deciding that 5:30a was an excellent time to be up for the day.
I am exhausted. I just want sleep. But that will have to wait until tonight when hopefully both boys are peacefully asleep, my bladder is empty, and my uterus isn’t busily preparing for a baby that is quite content staying in his/her fetal apartment. Sigh. God this is so not fair.

Ps- I know this is just the start of many months of not sleeping,but I at least want the baby here so I can have a cute face to look at and know it is worth being sleep deprived.