Kinda fall out of love

I started this blog years ago as a way to first vent on the frustration of potty training while having a baby in tow; and second, to document our kids lives like an online letter to the future them about all we did and how much we loved being their parents. Then when we started our homeschooling journey I used the blog to share the experience with family near and far.
However, I have fallen out of love with blogging. I hate having to type out posts on my phone (takes forever, no spell check, and pictures can’t be edited). And getting time at the computer is rare (kids constantly crawling up and pushing buttons making writing a post and editing pictures a frustrating time).
So I just stopped. We continue to homeschool. We continue to have fun and be present in our kids lives. I will continue to take pictures and scrapbook as a reminder to our future kids of all we did and how much we loved. But the desire to blog and share just wasn’t there. I might pick it up again when kids don’t crawl on me to get to the computer. So for now it will be an app on my phone that rarely gets opened and a computer page that will be a favorites though not visited. I hope you all understand, I appreciate the support, and maybe someday I will get the desire to blog again.


All about me-quick unit

So before we went on vacation, I did a quick unit with the boys. I had a whole big unit planned out on “all about me” but without a printer to print worksheets or means to get things (money going to vacation after all), we did a quick body unit with what we had on hand. We will go back and do the rest of the unit whenever. That is what I am liking about unit studies. We can mix it up and study whatever unit the boys are interested in with no pressure of order.

I had recently picked up a body book from the library (love their sale area. I have been finding great books for so cheap for the unit studies!). J absolutely loves it. It talks about the different parts of the body (skeleton, muscles, organs, etc) in a pretty simple way. J and E both now when they hit the elbow or knee on something will cry about how they hit that bone and that their skeleton hurts. So stinkin’ cute. But what is even better is when you ask the boys (and I had Husband and my dad ask at different times) what their fingers are called, they shock the heck out of people when they say very matter-a-factly that their fingers are called phalanges. Love it.

But back to the unit…J and E filled out all about me posters.

IMG_4516blog IMG_4510blog

and used the body book as a reference for making their own anatomical bodies. (Thank you to a good co-homeschooling mom friend that passed on these cool body sticker sets for my boys. I think she purchased them through Oriental Trading.)

IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4495bIMG_4499


Slightly overwhelmed

Right now I am working on the curriculum that we will be using this school year. (Yes, still working on it. With no computer for a few months, I “pinned” ideas on my Pinterest boards but couldn’t prep them and build a plan.) I am making head way but just got to a point of feeling overwhelmed. I am about 2 months of curriculum organized and ready to print, when I read about emergent readers. I went to school with a plan of teaching PE to middle school- not elementary. I am still learning what is out there as teaching methods.

Anyways, I read about emergent readers. I think J may be at the point of learning sight words and maybe reading…maybe. So this repetitive style reader seemed to be a great idea. Overwhelming part- realizing if I want to do it I have to a) go back and make a reader for the  2 months worth of materials I thought was all ready to go and b) add that to the list of things I still have to prep for the remaining part of the school year. Oh ya, and did I mention we are still on W from our letter of the week curriculum. So I am trying to finish that up while planning and prepping for this year and I want to add one more big thing to each unit! Overwhelming to say the least.

So I am going to take a breather. Do some more research and see if I want to go that route or if a different method would be better or maybe a combo so I would have only a few to do. Sigh. and this is when I have to laugh too thinking of the comments I sometimes get from other moms about me having it all together. Ha!

Has it really been three years?

I recently got a new computer (as my laptop crashed back in April) and realized while signing in tonight that it has been three years since I started this blog. I am still keeping it true to why I started it too. I never started it to earn money or become a full-time job. I started it to simply keep a record of my journey as a mom and keep those family far away semi-included in our day-to-day life. I have slowed my pace of posts simply because typing on a smart phone is frustrating.

But looking back at the posts three years ago, we have come so incredibly far. J is beyond potty training and into preschool/kindergarten. E is no longer a few months old but instead a handsome, head-strong boy. And Miss G wasn’t planned yet, but now has graced us with a sweet smile and spunky personality. Husband and I have made the decision to homeschool and become homeowners. So much has changed in the past three years, yet our commitment to keeping our family close hasn’t wavered.

I can not wait for the next three years. God only knows what is in store! I only hope that we grow closer to God and stronger as a family.


It is almost that time…

The other day a package came with some clothes for the kids I had ordered online. Since they were end if season clearance I figured they were mostly next years clothes. So in ordering I order G 2t and up and the boys J kids size 4 and up. (Sigh, he is getting to the point of no longer being able to wear toddler 😦 There is no baby left.) I figured E had plenty of clothes-hand me downs- so I didn’t order for him. Yet another mommy mistake because you know when kids see packages they automatically assume there is something special for them inside.
Well when the packge came, I opened it to double check everything. J found a label that had 4 on it and took it and ran (to put it on of course). That left E with a big fat nothing-or so I thought. In attempts to be fair-ish, I gave J the size 5/6 shirt knowing full well it would be too big-and it was. I then gave E the size 4 shirt J had grabbed initially; I figured it would be too big. Evidently E is bigger that I expected because, while the shirt was big, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.
So that created slight panic in my mind. The time is approaching us fast. The time of the boys being in the same size number. J being in a 4 (kids) and E being in a 4T. I see fighting over clothes is coming in the future. How do I expain to the boys who have been looking at numbers for years to determine whose is whose, to just stop and look at whether there is a T or not. Panic is rising in this mommy. And of course it only really matters on their shirts. E still needs the 3T waistband. God help me as I take on this next awkward stage of parenting.

Backyard chickens

Husband has been saying we needed to get some chickens for about a year. I honestly didn’t want them. They seemed to dirty (after all it is more poop to clean up after) and in our old place there really wasn’t room for them. Well now that we are in our new place I don’t really have the space concern as much. So guess what…


We have four little chicken butts-well four baby chicks anyways. And they are so adorable. The kids absolutely love them.


Because we went the chick route we are hoping they will be used to the kids resulting in hopefully less chicken pecks. Only down side is we don’t know if they are hens or roosters yet.
But we have at least a start toward our egg laying flock 🙂

Decorating as a couple and a steal of a deal

In moving into our first house of our own, Husband and I have been navigating the blending of styles. We agreed and got a gorgeous big clock for our mantel.


I absolutely love the clock. I love the presence it makes and how you actually see it before the tv because of how the room is situated. We now have to decorated around it; for example, I love the lantern that Husband and I picked out together, but wonder if it has been dwarfed by the size of the clock. And that plant looks like good size but I also know it won’t stay that way; so do we get a bonsai style that will stay that size for years. But that is all in the journey.
I have had luck with our play/school/guest room. Toys are pretty hard to “make pretty” so we have gone function over style. And this is the room where I was able to get my steal of a deal via Craigslist. I had my dad help me get it (Husband was working, I wanted to get it fast before anyone else found it, and honestly you never know who is on the other end of a craigslist exchange). I managed to find a Pottery Barn sofa for a mere $50! Granted it has red slip cover cushions and white body…BUT even if I spent $150 on nice fabric, I would still be way, way ahead of the $900 new sticker price. And the best part was Husband sat on it and gave the seal of “it’s comfortable” approval.
So we will continue on in making a house our home. Though it has been tough not doing every project we want to do right away. (And I think Husband may start tuning out every time I start a conversation with “I saw this thing on Pinterwst…”)