So don’t do what I did

Backstory: My dad worked a lot when I was a kid. So my mom often did the “man’s job” like mowing the lawn and hanging the Christmas lights. My dad and mom both encouraged and taught my sister and me how to mow the lawn, and such various things around the house. This ended up being a great lesson, because I have the confidence to take care of most of the stuff around the house that Husband might not get to because of his long work hours….

Now back to the story. About 6 weeks ago I was going about my business of mowing the backyard lawn- as it was getting pretty high- making that Miss G didn’t want to walk out in it. We had just moved our boat into the side yard which leaves maybe a foot or so between the boat and the side of the house. So I had to mow the lawn and simply lifted the lawnmower up over the boat from the garage man door out into the backyard. I proceeded to mow the lawn as usual. Then…stupid mistake that I strongly encourage you to NOT do. I went to lift the lawnmower back over the boat to be put back into the storage spot in the garage. Never mind that the motor had been going and now was extremely hot! The mower started teetering and I used my leg to stabilize it. BAD MOVE! It seared my leg. I ended up having a sever second degree burn on my thigh. So bad I had to go to the doctor to get special ointment and stronger ibuprofen to reduce swelling. It was crazy.

What made me more frustrated than the stupidity of my mistake was that I had been going strong into my fourth week of training for my bucket list goal half marathon. With my leg so severely burned I had to stop. I could barely walk let alone work out. So I stopped for nearly 6 weeks. Not a good feeling. I was itching to get back at it the whole recovery time. Now it is mostly healed so I am back at getting into the workout routine. Good thing I gave myself plenty of training time. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had only given myself the suggested 9-12 week training schedule!

SO moral of the story, don’t move a lawnmower in any such way other than how it was designed to be- rolling on the ground.


Seriously? I am not that old.

So I am about 3 weeks into training and well, my knee is tender. What the heck! Now I am used to ankles aching from injuries back from high school. But my knees? Never had a problem. Its weird too that my knee doesn’t hurt while walking or jogging. When I feel the tenderness is when I bend my knee or try to kneel down to change a diaper.
I feel so old complaining of pain. I am not that old so this feels odd.  So I will watch it and work through the pain. It has gone away a little bit. I am still going to do this. I am going to check half marathon off my bucket list.

Kids need it too

I recently read an article in a running magazine that I loved as a PE major but also had things I had never thought about before. It was about fighting childhood obesity through running. One point that specifically stood out to me was that most kids have never seen their parents exercise. Parents tend to go when kids are asleep, at school, or being watched by someone else.
While I am no different most of the time, I have also made an effort to include my kids too. For example when I was getting ready to leave for morning jog J decided he wanted to “go running” too. With that article in mind, I decided to put aside my own plan and made it a fun run with J. And he was so proud that he was exercising.
I also wanted to avoid cartoons a little bit longer last night, so I looked at our on-demand exercise tv section. I did a dance one with the kids-which resulted in lots of giggles. I also found a kids section. So the boys did some yoga…



J really liked doing it-requesting it over and over. E did it maybe 3 times before his attention was elsewhere. And G was just hanging out with me (teething like crazy on an apple).
I am trying to instill the fun of exercising with my kids. I am hoping they don’t dread running like I do did.

I am going to do it

On my bucket list is running a half marathon. It’s there because I figured I couldn’t do it with kids. I like sleep and I feel guilty leaving them to do a workout. I know there is the arguments of it makes you a better mom so don’t feel guilty. I know. It does make me a better mom. I can keep up with them more and not struggle with my breath racing up/downstairs to get to the hurt cry on the other end. But that doesn’t take away my guilt.
Also, I have always disliked running. I am more of a sports kinda girl. I like being distracted by the action than to think about the running.
But my sister asked me to run a half marathon with her. Well she asked for January in DisneyWorld. I just can’t do that schedule wise-pushing myself too much too fast with such a limited schedule with kids. I also couldn’t do it money wise-I wouldn’t just be flying out it would be a very expensive family trip that we really can’t afford right now.
So I asked if she would do the one in Disneyland September 2014. She said yes…so looks like I committed to it. I am going to run a half marathon. I am already 6 workouts into it. I am right now excited that I am going to be marking it off my bucket list. It will happen.

Let there be foam

So I finished another run. Well, adult style obstacle course. I did a Foam Run with my dad on Saturday. It was his first. It was also a “see I am not as incapable as you treat me” to some family and friends that have babyed him since he tore his bicep (major) a year ago. I felt much better this time around and thought that Dad did great for it being his first. Here is the proof:

Oh, and Dad wants to do another, so it must have gone good in his book too. Husband has his Tough Mudder run at the end of this month.

Don’t like admitting it,but…

Despite me getting my degree in p.e. & health, I really don’t like working out. I prefer playing sports where you happen to be working out but are so distracted by the game you don’t think about the sweat or muscle burn. Being out of high school and having kids too young yet to join a rec league, sports have pretty much disappeared from my work out routine. So I have been toughing it out at a gym on cardio and weight equipment.
I don’t like admitting it, but….it has worked for me anyways. I have been working as I can with Husband’s crazy hours. So as much as I complain, it works the good old fashion way of getting your booty moving.
While losing baby weight and fitting back into pre-baby jeans feels great, the best result of the hard work is playing with the boys eventually all the kids. I can run with them and not have to quit before them because I can’t breathe. We can chase, tickle to uncontrolled giggles, and frankly just enjoy playing. Their smiles that don’t diminish are worth the muscles cramps, the lung burn, and all that work out crap. As a result I think I just have to continue to suck it up and keep facing the gym.
Ps- I got my dad to join me in the foam run! We are t-minus 9 days from 3.2miles of foam, mud, and more foamy mud!

Do they not care?

It drives me crazy to walk up to the gym and see people smoking out front. After all the research and such, how can they still want to smoke. But besides that, do they really think that going to the gym will really make up for the fact that their lungs are covered in nasty tar?
Sure you could say I am just as bad because I indulge in a extra gooey grilled cheese or decadent dessert once in a while. Those aren’t the healthiest things to put in and definitely won’t be the best fuel. However, I can go without. I am not addicted.
I know to each their own. But I just can’t grasp the connection of gym and smoking or frankly smoking in general.