Biggest trees in the world!

Here in good ol’ California we have the biggest trees in the world. The Calaveras Big Trees State Park boasts the magnificent sequoias. It is about a 2 hour drive from us- so practically in our backyard. Before the kids were really too small to allow for us to visit, but we managed to get to the park this past week. It was a cool 70 degree day- perfect for a small hike/walk with little ones. The park is absolutely beautiful…

Bigtrees Collage1

bigtrees Collage3

Is it not adorable seeing Husband walking hand in hand with Miss G?! And that shot with the boys in the tree trunk just shows you how massive these trees are.

Bigtrees Collage2

big trees Collage4

It was a great day with the family. (Aside from occasional whining and crying of course. G is deciding whether or not to boycott her naps which makes planning stuff like this difficult.)