Craziness and a birthday!

Since thanksgiving I have been in overdrive. We hosted thanksgiving here so that came with its our stresses. Then I co-organized a “Christmas for Kids” one day event with a friend for our church. We hosted about 20 kids for a morning of crafts, snacks, stories, and singing. It was a lot of work and both of us were exhausted afterwards, but the kids heard the wonderful story of the birth of our Savior so it was worth it.

Then I had a ton of baking and prep for Miss G’s birthday party. We wanted to do something special but also keep it fair (since we did only small gatherings for the boys 2nd birthdays). So we hosted a gingerbread house decorating party. I made 5 batches of gingerbread for the 10 houses (one for each kiddo) and several cookies for the adults to munch on as well. G and everyone had fun. (And one friend even hinted to maybe making it an annual thing,lol.)

partyprep bdaycake family G bday partyG bday

So funny when G opened her gift from Grandma and Grandpa that had new hair “pretties”, she wanted to wear them all! And that backpack from family (Daddy, myself, and the boys) was an instant hit. She even went to bed with it!




Even crazier than I thought

The title really says it. I am crazier than I thought. I wrote in my last post that I was going to start working towards running a 5k in April. I also mentioned how Husband is running it with me to keep my butt going during it. Well…
I just agreed pending babysitter availability of course to do a Survivor Mud Run instead. I guess when I told Husband about really wanting to do a 5k and mapping out a routine, Husband started snooping online. He also talked about it with some co-workers. Again pending babysitters all lined up, Husband and I will be joined by a couple of his friends and their girlfriends/wives.
I agreed to doing this mud run rather than the straight and normal 5k because I am crazy but you all knew that already I figure if I am focused on the next obstacle ahead I won’t be focused on the negative comments in my head that come with straight running. Kinda like I don’t really mind running in soccer and basketball because I am focused on the strategy of the game. Hopefully I can get my body in gear and won’t be the weakest link in our group.
I start my exercising on Monday. I have to dig out my exercise clothes from the pre-pregnancy boxes. But I am actually crazy excited to get going, even though I know I will be sore. I want to be able to run around playground with my kids and not feel out of breath.
Hopefully I am this excited in a month when the reality of trying to fit in my exercise with 3 small kids, Husband’s long work hours, and his own exercising sets in.