Vacation-part 1

We just got back from our Disney trip. It went well. The boys did okay on drive aside from last half hour of LA traffic-laden driving. We stayed in Paradise Pier (one of the hotels on Disneyland resort). The view was amazing of the CA Adventure park.


Overall I didn’t plan what to do each day-Husband likes to just go with the flow or so he says. So in our 3 days of park time we had only 1 night pre-planned. I figured with our kids being so little we should pay the extra and do the expensive dinner package to get the best view of the nighttime water show “World of Color”. It came with a high-end meal (Husband was very impressed with the food and didn’t even care how much it cost). I mean look at this dessert sampler!
Then later that night we got priority spots (on deck closest to water) for best view. As we waited for show to start both boys fell asleep in the stroller. We figured it was 2 hours past bedtime so¬† that was ok…but we also thought because we were right under a speaker they would wake up for the show. Nope. J and E slept through the entire loud show. I didn’t know if I should be disappointed that they missed the show or happy that they were getting much needed sleep. I went with happy.