Simple joys

I kept going back and forth if I should give it as birthday or Christmas gift; or maybe when baby was born and non-baby-safe toys had to be moved upstairs…
I decided to give it as a random surprise (so I could clean bathrooms without toddlers interested in “helping” with cleaning supplies). A few weeks ago I managed to get a pretty big rug for in one of the boy’s rooms. The rug is the style that has roads so stories could be imagined with their many, many matchbox cars.
To say J was excited was an understatement. He played there all morning. He even got upset when I pulled him away for lunch! After dinner and bathtime, J went straight back to “roads” as he calls it.
I think this was a good find. I think it will be great when baby is born. J and E can play with cars and the road rug while I relax in the chair that is there with the baby.