Mommy toy

Since we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with internet (stupid new company says they can’t get to our house due to it being gated community with no call system-which a. Our house isn’t in anyway in gated community and b. They have been here before setting cable!) the “vacation part 2” of incredibly cute pictures of boys will come when stupid company figures out they are wrong our internet is useable.

So on Husband’s last day of vacation he decided to get at least one thing on “to-do” list done-clean and organize the garage. We have a two car garage that is consumed with storage (camping gear, single strollers, and stuff for office whenever we buy a house), Husband’s tools, and most of all the boat. The boat is currently in re-conditioning process so there is stuff all over. So we decided to just quit procrastinating and suck it up tackle the project one evening. It went smoothly. Boys were entertained watching us and being able to actually move out there. Husband got shelves hung to hold stuff up off ground and I organized tools and boat supplies.
Now this is all boring stuff that led up to an all too funny moment. J stayed up with us until the last of the stuff was put away. Husband was pushing lawn mower back into its place when J comes running over and goes, “Dad, look! Mommy’s toy”. I almost died laughing. Since Husband works so much and I would rather he spend the little time off with the boys than worrying about mowing, I just do the mowing myself. I have been mowing since I was little (thanks to my parents telling/showing me that girls are just as capable of mowing as boys). But J has only seen me use the lawn mower so it isn’t a “daddy toy”-it is a “mommy toy”.