Halloween learning

The boys had been noticing all the fake spider webs that neighbors had been using for Halloween decoration. I looked through my pinterest boards and found something that was perfect activity for the kids to do.

Using masking tape (which I get at the dollar store), I made a spider web on the corner of one of the archways in our house. Then I gave the boys pieces of paper with either letters or numbers written on them. The boys would read off what was written on the paper, crumple it, and throw it at the spider web. The point then was to get the crumpled paper to stick in the web. It was great gross motor skill practice with throwing and letter/number practice too. We ended up using a chair in the end to get the boys throws closer to the web. They got so excited when it actually stuck.

Spider web learning Collage

It will be an activity that will be “on deck” next year too. I can imagine sight words in addition to the letter and numbers. 😉


Sensory play

I usually don’t mind a mess if my kids are having fun. If they are learning at the same time, then I am more likely to repeat the project or play again despite the mess. Yet I had never done a sensory play project with the boys. I didn’t like the idea of cleaning up sand/rice/etc from everywhere. So I held out for a ling time.
But today I decided that while G napped the boys needed a quiet activity. I had boxes in my cabinet that had tiny amounts left in them-none being enough to make a dinner with. So into two baking pans I dumped rice, 2 pasta shapes, and instant potato flakes (Don’t judge. I only use them if I make my homemade version too runny.). I then put a couple toy cups, a measuring spoon, heart container, and a toy dump truck.
J took to filling the truck up, driving around the pan, and dumping its contents in another part of the pan:


here is j using spoon to fill truck

E liked scooping up with one cup and pouring the contents into another:


E did some munching while he was playing. Crunches of dry pasta came from his end if the table 🙂
Both were so focused on their play that it was almost uncharacteristicly quiet in my kitchen. In fact, I type this out as they still sit here at the table playing almost 40minutes later! I am almost okay with the fact that there is potato flakes and pasta strewn out on the table and dropping onto the floor. After all with this quiet learning and sensory play going on, a little mess is nothing that our dog a vacuum can’t handle.